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"It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important" (Sherlock Holmes)



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Services for ecologists, medics and veterinarians

Aphid identification

Of the 600-odd species of aphids in Britain, very few are pests but, until recently, identifying them was a specialist job.

Our on-line pages on photo-identification cover more than 100 aphid genera, and over 300 species.

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A statistical toolkit with worked examples + R code
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How to pages: From design to t-tests to linear models

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How to explore stats using R. (It is powerful & free.)

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Vector identification

Blood-sucking haematophagous arthropods such as ticks, biting midges, mosquitoes and tabanids transmit disease to humans and livestock.

Our on-line pages cover photo-identification of the main genera, and some species.

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Wrong stats can have horrifying results
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Few biologists understand the assumptions or properties of statistical procedures:

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Hence biology papers are riddled with serious stats errors.

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Human, livestock, ecosystem health

Epidemics and invasive pests, like bad stats or bad science, can have real bad effects.

We provide on-line critiques about the detrimental effects of poor science in major medical, veterinary and environmental issues.

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Biodiversity surveys

Despite their importance in ecology and health, biodiversity surveys often miss out aphids and haematophagous insects.

We have the expertise to both sample and identify them.

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