Study design & Implementation
Allocation concealment
Berkson's bias
Cluster sampling
The "Computer Revolution"
Data verification
Ethics for medical research
Global positioning systems
Remote sensing
Survival analysis
Systematic randomization
Types of studies
Unequal randomization
Summary statistics
Absolute deviations
Attributable risk
The "Average Man"
Bayes theorem
Capture-recapture methodology
Chauvenet's outlier criterion
Coefficient of variation of a mean
Finite & instantaneous rates
Frequency & probability
Gold standard test
Intention to Treat
Mark release recapture
Population change
Range as an estimator of SD
Standardized event rates
Sample and parametric means
Skew and kurtosis
Distributions & Inferential statistics
Box-Cox transformation
Confidence interval of attributable risk
Confidence interval of CV
Confidence interval of true prevalence
Confidence interval by permutation
Confidence interval when p or f are 0
Efficiency of tests
Equality of variance tests
Estimating true prevalence
Sample size for a given interval
Sample size for a proportion
Gaussian smoothing
How reliable are your estimators?
Log normal Confidence interval
Log normal distribution
Logarithmic series distribution
P-values of tests
Parametric or nonparametric
Parametric or nonparametric bootstrap?
Permutation tests
Properties of bootstrap estimators
Standard error of median
Standard error of CV
Standard error of Kappa
Taylors Power Law
Z test
Comparing two samples
Assessment of agreement
chi square test for trend
Comparing survival rates
Confidence interval of diff between means
Friedman's two way ANOVA
G likelihood ratio test
Matched studies
Measuring agreement
Median test
Multiple 2 2 tables
r c tables & partitioning
Sample size for diff between known & sample mean
Sample size for diff between two sample mean
z test for rates
Linear models
Anderson-Darling test
ANOVA by randomization
Bartlett's test
Checking orthogonality
Coefficient of concordance
Conditional logistic regression
Cramér-von-Mises test
Design effect in cluster sampling
Distributions of failure times
Hartley's & Cochran's tests
Lilliefors test
Levene's test
LOWESS regression
Nonparametric multiple comparisons
Ordinal regression
Phi coefficient
Piecewise regression
Poisson regression
Quantile regression
Sen's estimator of slope
Serial correlation
Shapiro-Wilk's test for normality
Testing homogeneity of replicates
Tukey's test of non-additivity
Unbalanced factorial designs
Unequal variance ANOVA
More Information
use & misuse of statistics in biology
principles properties & assumptions
how to (or how not to) do it