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Aphids, by genus and species

Aphid genera (quick lookup)
Abstrusomyzus aphids
Abstrusomyzus phloxae (obscure dark-tipped aphid)
Acaudinum aphids
Acaudinum centaureae (dark knapweed-root aphid)
Acyrthosiphon aphids
Acyrthosiphon boreale (northern cinquefoil-aphid)
Acyrthosiphon cyparissiae (dark-legged euphorbia aphid)
Acyrthosiphon gossypii (large cotton aphid, melon aphid)
Acyrthosiphon kondoi (blue alfalfa aphid)
Acyrthosiphon lactucae (lettuce seed-stem aphid)
Acyrthosiphon loti (green trefoil aphid)
Acyrthosiphon macrosiphum (long-legged serviceberry aphid)
Acyrthosiphon malvae (geranium aphid, Pelargonium aphid)
Acyrthosiphon pisum (pea aphid)
Acyrthosiphon primulae (primrose aphid)
Acyrthosiphon purshiae (bitterbrush aphid)
Adelges aphids
Adelges abietis (eastern spruce gall adelgid)
Adelges cooleyi (Cooley spruce gall adelgid, Douglas fir adelgid)
Adelges laricis (larch adelgid, larch woolly aphid)
Adelges nordmannianae (silver-fir woolly-adelgid)
Adelges piceae (balsam woolly-adelgid)
Adelges viridis (green spruce-gall adelgid)
Aleurodaphis aphids
Aleurodaphis blumeae (wax-crested purple scale aphid)
Allaphis aphids
Allaphis foxtonensis (Aotearoa wax-fringed sedge aphid)
Allaphis producta (wax-fringed sedge aphid)
Aloephagus aphids
Aloephagus myersi (aloe vera aphid)
Amphicercidus aphids
Amphicercidus japonicus (waxy honeysuckle aphid)
Amphorophora aphids
Amphorophora agathonica (American large raspberry aphid)
Amphorophora ampullata (dark-tipped fern aphid)
Amphorophora forbesi (green salmonberry aphid)
Amphorophora gei (water avens aphid)
Amphorophora idaei (European large raspberry aphid)
Amphorophora rubi (large blackberry aphid)
Amphorophora tuberculata (knobbed geranium aphid)
Anoecia aphids
Anoecia corni (common dogwood -- grass aphid)
Anuraphis aphids
Anuraphis subterranea (pear-hogweed aphid)
Aphis aphids
Aphis agastachyos (green horsemint aphid)
Aphis armata (permanent foxglove aphid)
Aphis asclepiadis (dogwood -- milkweed aphid)
Aphis ballotae (horehound aphid)
Aphis brunellae (self-heal aphid)
Aphis callunae (heather aphid)
Aphis ceanothi (california lilac aphid)
Aphis cephalanthi (buttonbush aphid)
Aphis cercocarpi (ocean-spray -- corn-lily aphid)
Aphis chloris (hypericum aphid)
Aphis chrysothamni (waxy-tipped rabbitbrush aphid)
Aphis citricidus (= Toxoptera citricida, brown citrus aphid)
Aphis clematidis (wax-banded clematis aphid)
Aphis commensalis (waxy buckthorn aphid)
Aphis confusa (green scabious aphid)
Aphis coreopsidis (tupelo -- blackjack aphid)
Aphis coronillae (clover aphid, medick aphid)
Aphis cornuta (=Aphis near picridis, horned oxtongue aphid)
Aphis craccae (tufted vetch aphid)
Aphis craccivora (cowpea aphid, groundnut aphid)
Aphis crepidis (hawk's-beard root aphid)
Aphis cytisorum (broom aphid)
Aphis decepta (yellow cowparsnip aphid)
Aphis epilobiaria (waxy willowherb aphid)
Aphis epilobii (willowherb aphid)
Aphis epipactis (helleborine aphid)
Aphis evonymi (spindle aphid)
Aphis euphorbiae (spurge aphid)
Aphis fabae (black bean aphid) species-group
Aphis farinosa (small willow-aphid)
Aphis folsomii (Virginia creeper aphid)
Aphis forbesi (strawberry root louse, strawberry root aphid)
Aphis frangulae (alder buckthorn -- willowherb aphid)
Aphis genistae (dyer's broom aphid)
Aphis gerardiae (false foxglove aphid)
Aphis glycines (Soybean aphid)
Aphis gossypii (melon aphid, cotton aphid)
Aphis gregalis (western rabbitbrush aphid)
Aphis grossulariae (gooseberry, willowherb aphid)
Aphis hederae (ivy aphid)
Aphis horii (Japanese elder aphid)
Aphis hypochoeridis (cat's ear root aphid)
Aphis idaei (raspberry aphid)
Aphis ilicis (holly aphid)
Aphis illinoisensis (grapevine aphid)
Aphis impatientis (dogwood-balsam aphid)
Aphis intybi (small chicory aphid)
Aphis jacobaeae (ragwort aphid)
Aphis lambersi (wild carrot root-aphid)
Aphis lamiorum (dead-nettle aphid)
Aphis lantanae (wayfaring tree aphid)
Aphis leontodontis (hawkbit rootcollar aphid)
Aphis longirostris (sea-plantain aphid)
Aphis loti (birds foot trefoil aphid)
Aphis lugentis (American ragwort aphid)
Aphis lupini (Western American lupin aphid)
Aphis maculatae (spotted poplar aphid)
Aphis mirifica (dark green willowherb aphid)
Aphis nasturtii (buckthorn -- potato aphid)
Aphis neogillettei (red-osier dogwood aphid)
Aphis nerii (oleander aphid)
Aphis neilliae (ninebark aphid)
Aphis newtoni (iris aphid)
Aphis ochropus (yellow teasel-aphid)
Aphis odinae (=Toxoptera odinae, mango aphid, cashew aphid)
Aphis oenotherae (evening primrose aphid)
Aphis oestlundi (dark-tipped evening primrose aphid)
Aphis origani (oregano leaf-curl aphid)
Aphis paludicola (marsh spurge aphid)
Aphis parietariae (pellitory-of-the-wall aphid)
Aphis passeriniana (sage aphid)
Aphis pawneepae (redbud aphid)
Aphis pentstemonicola (penstemon aphid)
Aphis phaceliae (phacelia aphid)
Aphis picridicola (=Aphis striata =Protaphis funicularis, hawkbit root-aphid)
Aphis picridis (yellow-oxtongue aphid)
Aphis pilosellae (green mouse-ear hawkweed aphid)
Aphis plantaginis (plantain aphid)
Aphis podagrariae (ground elder leaf-curl aphid)
Aphis polygonata (brown knotgrass-aphid)
Aphis pomi (green apple-aphid)
Aphis praeterita (hairy-willowherb aphid)
Aphis pseudocomosa (meadow vetchling aphid)
Aphis punicae (pomegranate aphid)
Aphis rubicola (small American raspberry aphid)
Aphis rubifolii (small blackberry aphid)
Aphis ruborum (small bramble-aphid, permanent blackberry-aphid)
Aphis rumicis (dock aphid)
Aphis salicariae (dogwood, rosebay willowherb aphid)
Aphis sambuci (elder aphid)
Aphis sanguisorbae (salad burnet root aphid)
Aphis schinifoliae (peppertree aphid)
Aphis schinivora (dark-cornicle peppertree aphid)
Aphis schneideri (blackcurrant aphid)
Aphis sedi (stonecrop aphid)
Aphis serpylli (thyme aphid)
Aphis solanella (spindle -- nightshade aphid)
Aphis spiraecola (spirea aphid, green citrus aphid)
Aphis spiraephaga (wax-banded spirea aphid)
Aphis spiraephila (brown spirea aphid)
Aphis symphyti (comfrey aphid)
Aphis taraxacicola (dandelion aphid)
Aphis thalictri (waxy meadow-rue aphid)
Aphis tormentillae (tormentil aphid)
Aphis tripolii (sea-aster aphid)
Aphis ulicis (gorse aphid)
Aphis ulmariae (small meadowsweet aphid)
Aphis umbrella (umbrella aphid)
Aphis urticata (dark-green nettle aphid)
Aphis vandergooti (yarrow root-aphid)
Aphis varians (variable currant aphid)
Aphis veratri (European hellebore aphid)
Aphis verbasci (mullein aphid)
Aphis viburni (viburnum aphid)
Aphis viburniphila(American viburnum aphid)
Aphis violae (violet root collar aphid)
Aphis vitalbae (variable clematis aphid)
Aphis viticis (chastetree aphid)
Aphthargelia aphids
Aphthargelia rumbleboredomia (Rumbles snowberry aphid)
Aphthargelia symphoricarpi (snowberry aphid)
Aploneura aphids
Aploneura lentisci (mealy grass-root aphid)
Appendiseta aphids
Appendiseta robiniae (locust-tree aphid)
Aspidaphis aphids
Aspidaphis adjuvans (wrinkly knotgrass-aphid)
Astegopteryx aphids
Astegopteryx bambusae (= Astegopteryx bambucifoliae, bamboo horned-aphid)
Astegopteryx formosana (dark-spot horned-aphid)
Atheroides aphids
Atheroides brevicornis (dark saltmarsh grass aphid)
Atheroides serrulatus (orange grass-aphid)
Aulacorthum aphids
Aulacorthum ibotum (brown-blotched privet aphid)
Aulacorthum linderae (blood orange-blotched lindera aphid)
Aulacorthum muradachi (crimson-stained lindera aphid)
Aulacorthum palustre (wax-banded daisy aphid)
Aulacorthum solani (glasshouse potato aphid, foxglove aphid)
Baizongia aphids
Baizongia pistaciae (Pistacia horn-gall aphid)
Betacallis aphids
Betacallis alnicolens (wax-spotted green alder aphid)
Betulaphis aphids (small birch-aphids)
Betulaphis quadrituberculata (small downy-birch aphid)
Brachycorynella aphids
Brachycorynella asparagi (European asparagus aphid)
Brachycaudus aphids
Brachycaudus aconiti (black monkshood aphid)
Brachycaudus amygdalinus (short-tailed almond aphid)
Brachycaudus bicolor (hound's tongue aphid)
Brachycaudus cardui (plum -- thistle aphid)
Brachycaudus helichrysi (leaf-curling plum aphid)
Brachycaudus linariae (toadflax aphid)
Brachycaudus lateralis (short-haired thistle aphid)
Brachycaudus lucifugus (short-tailed plantain aphid)
Brachycaudus lychnidis species-group (campion aphids)
Brachycaudus malvae (mallow aphid)
Brachycaudus napelli (crimson-tipped monkshood aphid)
Brachycaudus persicae (black peach-aphids)
Brachycaudus prunicola (black-barred plum aphid)
Brachycaudus prunifex (black-backed sloe aphid)
Brachycaudus schwartzi (peach curl aphid)
Brachycaudus tragopogonis (goats-beard aphid)
Brachycolus aphids
Brachycolus cerastii (mouse-ear gall aphid)
Brachycolus cucubali (campion leafroll aphid)
Brachycolus stellariae stitchwort (leafroll aphid)
Brachysiphoniella aphids
Brachysiphoniella montana (waxy grass aphid)
Brachyunguis aphids
Brachyunguis bonnevillensis (frosty greasewood aphid)
Brachyunguis harmalae (wild rue aphid)
Brachyunguis tamaricis (common tamarisk aphid)
Braggia aphids
Braggia columbiana (arrowleaf buckwheat aphid)
Braggia deserticola (Californian buckwheat aphid)
Braggia eriogoni (reticulated buckwheat aphid)
Braggia longicauda (woolly buckwheat aphid)
Braggia urovaneta (crispleaf buckwheat aphid)
Brevicoryne aphids
Brevicoryne brassicae (mealy cabbage aphid)
Calaphis aphids
Calaphis betulaecolens (common American birch aphid)
Calaphis betulella (streaked river birch aphid)
Calaphis betulicola (black-tipped dark-veined birch aphid)
Calaphis flava (yellow dark-veined birch aphid)
Calaphis leonardi (gray-birch aphid)
Calaphis magnoliae (dark-veined magnolia aphid)
Calaphis neobetulella (blotched river birch aphid)
Callipterinella aphids
Callipterinella calliptera (black-banded birch-aphid)
Callipterinella minutissima (birch catkin aphid)
Callipterinella tuberculata (red-banded birch-aphid)
Capitophorus aphids
Capitophorus carduinus (green thistle aphid)
Capitophorus elaeagni (common oleaster aphid)
Capitophorus hippophaes (polygonum aphid)
Capitophorus shepherdiae (buffaloberry oleaster aphid)
Capitophorus similis (buckthorn -- butterbur aphid)
Caricosipha aphids
Caricosipha paniculatae (stalk-eyed sedge aphid)
Carolinaia aphids
Carolinaia rhois (sumac -- grass aphid, Monell's sumach aphid)
Catamergus aphids
Catamergus fulvae (waxy impatiens-aphid)
Catamergus kickapoo (pellucid Solomon's-seal aphid)
Cavariella aphids
Cavariella aegopodii (willow -- carrot aphid)
Cavariella araliae (Chinese angelica aphid)
Cavariella archangelicae (willow -- angelica aphid)
Cavariella konoi (spotted willow -- angelica aphid)
Cavariella pastinacae (willow -- umbellifer aphid)
Cavariella theobaldi (willow -- parsnip aphid)
Cedoaphis aphids
Cedoaphis incognita (green snowberry aphid)
Cerataphis aphids
Cerataphis brasiliensis (palm aphid)
Cerataphis orchidearum (fringed orchid aphid)
Ceratoglyphina aphids
Ceratoglyphina roepkei (dreadlocks gall aphid)
Ceratoglyphina styracicola (cauliflower-gall aphid)
Ceratovacuna aphids
Ceratovacuna lanigera (sugarcane woolly aphid)
Ceratovacuna nekoashi (cat's paw gall aphid)
Ceratovacuna perglandulosa (multigland woolly aphid)
Ceruraphis aphids
Ceruraphis eriophori (wayfaring-tree -- sedge aphid)
Cervaphis aphids
Cervaphis rappardi (bristly cocoa aphid)
Chaetosiphon aphids
Chaetosiphon fragaefolii (strawberry aphid, small green rose aphid)
Chaetosiphon hottesi (sticky cinquefoil aphid)
Chaetosiphon potentillae (silverweed aphid)
Chaetosiphon tetrarhodum (hairy rose aphid, small green rose aphid)
Chaetosiphon thomasi (American hairy rose aphid)
Chaitophorus aphids
Chaitophorus capreae (pale sallow-leaf aphid)
Chaitophorus horii beuthani (pale willow leaf aphid)
Chaitophorus leucomelas (black-poplar leaf aphid)
Chaitophorus neglectus (dark-striped aspen aphid)
Chaitophorus nigrae (pale-streaked willow aphid)
Chaitophorus nigricentrus (dark-centred willow aphid)
Chaitophorus nudus (poplar stem aphid)
Chaitophorus pallipes (black and yellow willow aphid)
Chaitophorus populeti (poplar-shoot aphid)
Chaitophorus populialbae (poplar-leaf aphid)
Chaitophorus populicola (American poplar leaf aphid)
Chaitophorus ramicola (sallow-stem aphid)
Chaitophorus salicti (sallow leaf-vein Aphid)
Chaitophorus salijaponicus niger (dark willow leaf aphid)
Chaitophorus stevensis (speckled poplar aphid)
Chaitophorus tremulae (aspen-leaf aphid)
Chaitophorus truncatus (green willow-leaf aphid)
Chaitophorus viminalis (small black and green willow aphid)
Chaitophorus viminicola (dusky long-haired willow aphid)
Chaitophorus vitellinae (willow stem aphid)
Chromaphis aphids
Chromaphis juglandicola (small walnut-aphid)
Cinara aphids
Cinara acutirostris (Corsican-pine aphid)
Cinara anelia (single-leaf pinyon-pine aphid)
Cinara apini (spotted short-haired limber pine aphid)
Cinara brauni (pine-shoot aphid)
Cinara cedri (large cedar aphid)
Cinara confinis (black-stem aphid)
Cinara costata (mealy spruce-aphid)
Cinara cuneomaculata (brown larch-aphid)
Cinara cupressi (cypress aphid)
Cinara curvipes (bow-legged fir-aphid)
Cinara edulis (common pinyon-pine aphid)
Cinara fresai (American juniper aphid)
Cinara fornacula (large green spruce-aphid)
Cinara hottesi (blue-black spruce-aphid)
Cinara hyperophila (waxy dark pine aphid)
Cinara kochiana (giant larch-aphid)
Cinara juniperi (juniper aphid)
Cinara laportei (brown cedar-aphid)
Cinara laricis (speckled larch-aphid)
Cinara laricifex (black larch-aphid)
Cinara maghrebica (Maghreb-pine aphid)
Cinara mordvilkoi (shiny juniper aphid)
Cinara nigritergi (black-backed pine aphid)
Cinara nuda (shiny pine-aphid)
Cinara obscura (dark spruce stem aphid)
Cinara oregonensis (pine cone aphid)
Cinara pectinatae (green-striped fir-aphid)
Cinara pergandei (globose pine-aphid)
Cinara piceae (black spruce-bark aphid)
Cinara piceicola (green-striped spruce-aphid)
Cinara pilicornis (spruce-shoot aphid)
Cinara pinea (large pine-aphid)
Cinara pini (Scots-pine aphid)
Cinara pinihabitans (hairy pine aphid)
Cinara pruinosa (wax-bordered spruce-aphid)
Cinara pulverulens (powdery juniper aphid)
Cinara schimitscheki (mealy pine-aphid)
Cinara smolandiae (giant juniper-aphid)
Cinara strobi (white pine-aphid)
Cinara tujafilina (Cypress pine aphid)
Clethrobius aphids
Clethrobius comes (brown hairy birch-aphid)
Clypeoaphis aphids
Clypeoaphis suaedae (sea-blite aphid)
Colopha aphids
Colopha compressa (elm cockscomb gall aphid - Europe)
Colopha graminis (elm--cutgrass cockscomb aphid, elm cockscomb gall aphid - US)
Coloradoa aphids
Coloradoa achilleae (small yarrow-aphid)
Coloradoa bournieri (cotton-lavender aphid)
Coloradoa rufomaculata (green chrysanthemum aphid)
Coloradoa tanacetina (tansy leaf aphid)
Corylobium aphids
Corylobium avellanae (large hazel-aphid)
Cryptaphis aphids
Cryptaphis poae (bristly cryptic grass aphid)
Cryptomyzus aphids
Cryptomyzus alboapicalis (white dead-nettle aphid)
Cryptomyzus ballotae (hairy horehound aphid)
Cryptomyzus galeopsidis (European blackcurrant-nettle aphid)
Cryptomyzus korschelti (woundwort aphid)
Cryptomyzus maudamanti (yellow-archangel aphid)
Cryptomyzus ribis (red-currant aphid)
Cryptosiphum aphids
Cryptosiphum artemisiae (mugwort-gall aphid)
Crypturaphis aphids
Crypturaphis grassi (Italian-alder aphid)
Ctenocallis aphids
Ctenocallis setosa (broom hedgehog aphid)
Daktulosphaira aphids
Daktulosphaira vitifoliae (grape phylloxera)
Decorosiphon aphids
Decorosiphon corynothrix (long-haired moss aphid)
Delphiniobium aphids
Delphiniobium junackianum (monkshood-aphid)
Diuraphis aphids
Diuraphis frequens (couch grass aphid)
Diuraphis mexicana (brome grass aphid)
Diuraphis noxia (Russian wheat aphid)
Diuraphis tritici (western wheatgrass aphid)
Drepanaphis aphids
Drepanaphis acerifoliae (painted maple-aphid)
Drepanaphis carolinensis (Carolina painted maple aphid)
Drepanaphis idahoensis (Idaho painted maple aphid)
Drepanaphis keshenae (spiked maple aphid)
Drepanaphis monelli (white woolly buckeye aphid
Drepanosiphum aphids
Drepanosiphum acerinum (sapling sycamore-aphid)
Drepanosiphum aceris (scarce maple-aphid)
Drepanosiphum oregonensis (dark-streaked maple aphid)
Drepanosiphum platanoidis (common sycamore-aphid)
Dysaphis aphids
Dysaphis angelicae (hawthorn -- angelica aphid)
Dysaphis apiifolia (hawthorn -- parsley aphid)
Dysaphis aucupariae (wild service aphid)
Dysaphis bonomii (parsnip mealy gall-aphid)
Dysaphis crataegi (hawthorn -- carrot aphid)
Dysaphis crithmi (rock samphire aphid)
Dysaphis devecta species group (rosy leaf-curling apple aphids)
Dysaphis gallica (ivy-leaved toadflax aphid)
Dysaphis hirsutissima (hairy mealy root-aphid)
Dysaphis lappae (burdock mealy root-aphid)
Dysaphis lauberti (hawthorn -- hogweed root-aphid)
Dysaphis newskyi (hogweed mealy root-aphid)
Dysaphis pyri (pear -- bedstraw aphid)
Dysaphis plantaginea (rosy apple-aphid)
Dysaphis radicola (apple -- dock gall-aphid)
Dysaphis ranunculi (hawthorn -- buttercup aphid)
Dysaphis sorbi (rowan aphid)
Dysaphis tulipae (tulip-bulb aphid)
Elatobium aphids
Elatobium abietinum (green spruce-aphid)
Eomacrosiphon aphids
Eomacrosiphon nigromaculosum (black-and-red rose aphid)
Epameibaphis aphids
Epameibaphis atricornis (dark knobbed-cornicle aphid)
Ephedraphis aphids
Ephedraphis ephedrae (joint pine aphid)
Ericaphis aphids
Ericaphis ericae (cross-leaved heath aphid)
Ericaphis gentneri (western green hawthorn aphid)
Ericaphis scammelli (blueberry aphid)
Ericaphis wakibae (western rose aphid)
Eriosoma aphids
Eriosoma americanum (woolly elm-aphid)
Eriosoma lanigerum (woolly apple-aphid)
Eriosoma lanuginosum (elm balloon-gall aphid)
Eriosoma ulmi (elm -- currant aphid)
Essigella aphids
Essigella californica (Monterey-pine needle aphid)
Eucallipterus aphids
Eucallipterus tiliae (common lime-aphid)
Eucarazzia aphids
Eucarazzia elegans (mediterranean mint-aphid)
Euceraphis aphids
Euceraphis betulae (silver-birch aphid)
Euceraphis gillettei (American alder aphid)
Euceraphis papyrifericola (paper-birch aphid)
Euceraphis punctipennis (downy-birch aphid)
Eulachnus aphids
Eulachnus agilis (spotted-green pine-needle aphid)
Eulachnus brevipilosus (light-green pine-needle aphid)
Eulachnus rileyi (active grey pine-needle aphid)
Euthoracaphis aphids
Euthoracaphis umbellulariae (California laurel aphid)
Flabellomicrosiphum aphids
Flabellomicrosiphum knowltoni (dark-legged frosted aphid)
Flabellomicrosiphum tridentatae (pale-legged frosted aphid)
Forda aphids
Forda formicaria (grass-root aphid)
Forda marginata (crusty pistachio -- grass-root aphid)
Geoica aphids
Geoica setulosa (hairy-tailed pistachio -- grass-root aphid)
Geoica utricularia (short-haired pistachio -- grass-root aphid)
Glyphina aphids
Glyphina betulae (green birch-thelaxid)
Glyphina pseudoschrankiana (brown birch-thelaxid)
Greenidea aphids
Greenidea artocarpi (jackfruit aphid)
Greenidea ficicola (hairy-tailed fig aphid)
Greenidea psidii (hairy-tailed guava aphid)
Grylloprociphilus aphids
Grylloprociphilus imbricator (beech blight aphid)
Gypsoaphis aphids
Gypsoaphis oestlundi woolly honeysuckle aphid)
Hayhurstia aphids
Hayhurstia atriplicis (chenopodium aphid)
Hamamelistes aphids
Hamamelistes betulinus (birch blister-aphid)
Hamamelistes spinosus (spiny witchhazel gall aphid)
Hannabura aphids
Hannabura alnosa (orange-bordered alder aphid)
Hoplocallis aphids
Hoplocallis picta (painted holm-oak aphid)
Hoplochaitophorus aphids
Hoplochaitophorus quercicola (spiny oakleaf aphid)
Hormaphis aphids
Hormaphis hamamelidis, Hormaphis cornu (Hormaphis hamamelidis sp. gp., witch-hazel cone gall aphid)
Hyadaphis aphids
Hyadaphis coriandri (coriander aphid)
Hyadaphis foeniculi (fly-honeysuckle aphid)
Hyadaphis passerinii (honeysuckle aphid)
Hyadaphis tataricae (taterian honeysuckle aphid)
Hyalopteroides aphids
Hyalopteroides humilis (cocksfoot -- grass aphid)
Hyalopterus aphids
Hyalopterus pruni (mealy plum-aphid)
Hyperomyzus aphids
Hyperomyzus carduellinus (Asian sowthistle aphid)
Hyperomyzus lactucae (blackcurrant -- sowthistle aphid)
Hyperomyzus lampsanae (nipplewort aphid)
Hyperomyzus pallidus (gooseberry -- sowthistle aphid)
Hyperomyzus picridis (Oxtongue aphid)
Hyperomyzus rhinanthi (currant -- yellow rattle aphid)
Hysteroneura aphids
Hysteroneura setariae (rusty plum aphid)
Idiopterus aphids
Idiopterus nephrelepidis (black fern-aphid)
Illinoia aphids
Illinoia ceanothi (ceanothus leaf aphid)
Illinoia corylina (dark-tipped green hazelnut aphid)
Illinoia crystleae (pale-streaked honeysuckle aphid)
Illinoia goldmaryae (bright green daisy aphid)
Illinoia lambersi (rhododendron aphid)
Illinoia liriodendri (tulip-tree aphid)
Illinoia macgillivrayae (Macgillivray's meadowsweet aphid)
Illinoia maxima (green-striped thimbleberry aphid)
Illinoia menziesiae (rusty menziesia aphid)
Illinoia morrisoni (sequoia aphid)
Illinoia pepperi (eastern blueberry aphid)
Illinoia richardsi (pale pearly everlasting aphid)
Illinoia rubicola (spot-winged raspberry aphid)
Illinoia spiraecola (varicoloured spirea aphid)
Illinoia thalictri (western meadow rue aphid)
Indomegoura aphids
Indomegoura indica (waxed orange aphid)
Impatientinum aphids
Impatientinum asiaticum (Asian balsam aphid)
Ipuka aphids
Ipuka dispersum (tasselflower aphid)
Israelaphis aphids
Israelaphis carmini (mediterranean grass aphid)
Iziphya aphids
Iziphya bufo (jumping toad aphid)
Jacksonia aphids
Jacksonia papillata (olive-brown grass aphid)
Kaltenbachiella aphids
Kaltenbachiella pallida (elm -- mint leaf-base gall aphid)
Lachnochaitophorus aphids
Lachnochaitophorus querceus (shiny brown oak aphid)
Lachnus aphids
Lachnus longirostris (scarce variegated oak-aphid)
Lachnus pallipes (variegated beech-aphid)
Lachnus roboris (variegated variegated oak-aphid)
Lachnus tropicalis (great chestnut aphid)
Laingia aphids
Laingia psammae (marram-flower aphid)
Linosiphon aphids
Linosiphon galiophagum (green bedstraw-aphid)
Liosomaphis aphids
Liosomaphis berberidis (barberry aphid)
Lipaphis aphids
Lipaphis alliariae (garlic-mustard aphid)
Lipaphis erysimi (mustard -- turnip aphid)
Lipaphis pseudobrassicae (turnip aphid)
Longistigma aphids
Longistigma caryae (giant bark aphid)
Longicaudus aphids
Longicaudus trirhodus (rose -- columbine aphid)
Macchiatiella aphids
Macchiatiella itadori (tiger aphid)
Macrosiphoniella aphids
Macrosiphoniella absinthii (absinthe aphid)
Macrosiphoniella artemisiae (mugwort aphid)
Macrosiphoniella asteris (bronze sea-aster aphid)
Macrosiphoniella frigidivora (green sagebrush aphid)
Macrosiphoniella glabra (shining green tarragon aphid)
Macrosiphoniella ludovicianae (white sage aphid)
Macrosiphoniella millefolii (yarrow aphid)
Macrosiphoniella oblonga (slender mugwort-aphid)
Macrosiphoniella persequens (pale green tansy aphid)
Macrosiphoniella pulvera (powdered sea wormwood aphid)
Macrosiphoniella sanborni (large chrysanthemum-aphid)
Macrosiphoniella sejuncta (large mottled yarrow-aphid)
Macrosiphoniella subterranea (masked oxeye-aphid)
Macrosiphoniella sunshine (Oregon sunshine aphid)
Macrosiphoniella tanacetaria (tansy aphid)
Macrosiphoniella tapuskae (large green yarrow aphid)
Macrosiphoniella usquertensis (masked yarrow aphid)
Macrosiphoniella yomogicola (Japanese mugwort aphid, mugwort princess aphid)
Macrosiphum aphids
Macrosiphum albifrons (lupin aphid)
Macrosiphum badium (false Solomon's-seal aphid)
Macrosiphum californicum (California willow aphid)
Macrosiphum cholodkovskyi (meadowsweet aphid)
Macrosiphum clydesmithi (slender-cornicled oceanspray-fern aphid)
Macrosiphum coryli (American hazelnut aphid)
Macrosiphum creelii (western vetch aphid)
Macrosiphum daphnidis =Macrosiphum daphinidis (daphne aphid)
Macrosiphum dewsler (prairie flax aphid)
Macrosiphum equiseti (common horsetail aphid)
Macrosiphum euphorbiae (potato aphid)
Macrosiphum euphorbiellum =Macrosiphum amygdaloides (euphorbia aphid)
Macrosiphum funestum (blackberry aphid)
Macrosiphum gaurae (beeblossom aphid)
Macrosiphum gei (herb-Bennet aphid)
Macrosiphum hellebori (hellebore aphid)
Macrosiphum impatientis (green jewelweed aphid)
Macrosiphum lilii (purple-spotted lily aphid)
Macrosiphum manitobense (Manitoba dogwood aphid)
Macrosiphum mentzeliae (blazingstar aphid)
Macrosiphum olmsteadi (northern green aster aphid)
Macrosiphum opportunisticum (opportunistic huckleberry aphid)
Macrosiphum oregonense (western skunk-cabbage aphid)
Macrosiphum osmaroniae (osoberry-fern aphid)
Macrosiphum pallidum (pink wild rose aphid)
Macrosiphum parvifolii (waxy red-huckleberry aphid)
Macrosiphum pseudocoryli (American hophornbeam aphid)
Macrosiphum ptericolens (bracken aphid)
Macrosiphum rhamni (buckthorn-fern aphid)
Macrosiphum rosae (rose aphid)
Macrosiphum rudbeckiarum (Cockerell's green goldenglow aphid)
Macrosiphum salviae (black sage aphid)
Macrosiphum stanleyi (spindly elderberry aphid)
Macrosiphum stellariae (chickweed aphid)
Macrosiphum tinctum (green willowherb aphid)
Macrosiphum tuberculaceps (sweet-after-death aphid)
Macrosiphum valerianae (crimson highland aphid)
Macrosiphum vancouveriae (inside-out-flower aphid)
Macrosiphum violae (pioneer violet aphid)
Macrosiphum walkeri (oceanspray-fern aphid)
Macrosiphum weberi (devil's-bit aphid)
Macrosiphum willamettense (spindly spirea aphid)
Macrosiphum wilsoni (fairybells aphid)
Macrosiphum zionense (resplendent lupin aphid)
Maculolachnus aphids
Maculolachnus submacula (rose-stem aphid)
Matsumuraja aphids
Matsumuraja rubifoliae (asian raspberry aphid)
Megoura aphids
Megoura crassicauda (Japanese vetch aphid)
Megoura viciae (vetch aphid)
Megourella aphids
Megourella purpurea (spotted vetch aphid)
Megourella tribulis (dark spotted vetch aphid)
Melanaphis aphids
Melanaphis bambusae (waxy bamboo aphid)
Melanaphis donacis (giant reed aphid)
Melanaphis pyraria (pear -- grass aphid)
Melanaphis sacchari species group (sugarcane aphid) Melanaphis sacchari & Melanaphis sorghi
Melaphis aphids
Melaphis rhois species group Melaphis rhois & Melaphis asafitchi (Staghorn sumac aphids)
Mesocallis aphids
Mesocallis pteleae (hippopotamus aphid)
Mesocallis sawashibae (pale-fronted hazel aphid)
Metopeurum aphids
Metopeurum fuscoviride (pink tansy aphid)
Metopolophium aphids
Metopolophium albidum (false oat-grass aphid)
Metopolophium dirhodum (rose -- grain aphid)
Microlophium aphids
Microlophium carnosum (common nettle-aphid)
Microparsus aphids
Microparsus variabilis (desmodium aphid)
Microsiphoniella aphids
Microsiphoniella acophorum (brownish-black microsiphon aphid)
Mimeuria aphids
Mimeuria ulmiphila (maple leaf-nest aphid)
Mindarus aphids
Mindarus abietinus (balsam twig-aphid)
Mindarus obliquus (waxy spruce aphid)
Mollitrichosiphum aphids
Mollitrichosiphum nigrum (black hairy-tailed aphid)
Monaphis aphids
Monaphis antennata (solitary birch-aphid)
Monellia aphids
Monellia caryella (blackmargined aphid, blackmargined pecan aphid)
Monellia microsetosa (orange-spotted hickory aphid)
Monelliopsis aphids
Monelliopsis caryae (American walnut aphid)
Monelliopsis pecanis (yellow pecan aphid)
Mordwilkoja aphids
Mordwilkoja vagabunda (poplar vagabond aphid)
Muscaphis aphids
Muscaphis cuspidati = Muscaphis cuspidata (pointed spear-moss aphid)
Muscaphis escherichi (rusty moss aphid)
Myzaphis aphids
Myzaphis bucktoni (brown-lined rose-aphid)
Myzaphis rosarum (lesser rose-aphid)
Myzocallis aphids
Myzocallis asclepiadis (common milkweed aphid)
Myzocallis bella (eastern dark-legged_oak aphid)
Myzocallis boerneri (turkey-oak aphid)
Myzocallis castaneae (chestnut gay louse)
Myzocallis carpini (hornbeam aphid)
Myzocallis castanicola (sweet-chestnut aphid)
Myzocallis coryli (hazel aphid)
Myzocallis discolor (eastern dusky-winged oak aphid)
Myzocallis granovskyi (longtailed oak aphid)
Myzocallis myricae (bog myrtle aphid)
Myzocallis meridionalis (hamburger oak aphid)
Myzocallis punctata (regular oak aphid)
Myzocallis schreiberi (holm-oak aphid)
Myzocallis tuberculata (tuberculate oak aphid)
Myzocallis walshii (black-bordered oak aphid)
Myzodium aphids
Myzodium mimulicola (orange-tinged monkeyflower aphid)
Myzodium modestum (dark brown moss aphid)
Myzus aphids
Myzus ajugae (bugle pseudogall aphid)
Myzus antirrhinii (snapdragon aphid)
Myzus ascalonicus (shallot aphid)
Myzus cerasi (black-cherry aphid)
Myzus certus (pinks aphid)
Myzus cymbalariae (cymbalaria aphid)
Myzus hemerocallis (day lily aphid)
Myzus langei (bedstraw witches-broom aphid)
Myzus ligustri (privet aphid)
Myzus linariae (toadflax flower aphid)
Myzus lythri (purple loosestrife aphid)
Myzus ornatus (ornate aphid, violet aphid)
Myzus persicae (peach -- potato aphid)
Myzus philadelphi (striped hydrangea aphid)
Myzus varians (peach -- clematis aphid)
Nasonovia aphids
Nasonovia aquilegiae (dark-spot columbine aphid)
Nasonovia compositellae (black-backed daisy-aphid)
Nasonovia crenicorna (hairy-cornicled geranium aphid)
Nasonovia cynosbati (dogberry aphid)
Nasonovia davidsoni (black-backed coralbell aphid)
Nasonovia grossa (black-backed currant aphid)
Nasonovia houghtonensis (gooseberry witch-broom aphid)
Nasonovia pilosellae (hawkweed aphid)
Nasonovia ribisnigri (currant -- lettuce aphid)
Nasonovia wahinkae (varicolored aconite aphid)
Nasonovia williamsi (leafcurl cinquefoil aphid)
Nearctaphis aphids
Nearctaphis bakeri (short-beaked clover-aphid)
Nearctaphis sensoriata (dark serviceberry aphid)
Neomyzus aphids
Neomyzus circumflexus =Aulacorthum circumflexum (crescent-marked lily-aphid)
Neonipponaphis aphids
Neonipponaphis pustulosis (tianzhu chinquapin_aphid)
Neonipponaphis shiiae (Japanese chinquapin aphid)
Neophyllaphis aphids
Neophyllaphis totarae (totara aphid)
Neophyllaphis varicolor (varicolored podocarp aphid)
Neoprociphilus aphids
Neoprociphilus aceris (woolly maple aphid)
Neosymydobius aphids
Neosymydobius albasiphus (white-cornicled oak aphid)
Neosymydobius paucisetosus (red-headed brown oak aphid)
Neotoxoptera aphids
Neotoxoptera formosana (onion aphid)
Oestlundiella aphids
Oestlundiella flava (woolly-legged alder aphid)
Ovatomyzus aphids
Ovatomyzus boraginacearum (alkanet aphid)
Ovatomyzus chamaedrys (woodsage leaf aphid)
Ovatus aphids
Ovatus crataegarius (hawthorn -- mint aphid)
Ovatus insitus (hawthorn -- gypsywort aphid)
Ovatus inulae (fleabane aphid)
Ovatus mentharius (mint aphid)
Pachypappa aphids
Pachypappa pseudobyrsa (poplar leaf-purse aphid)
Pachypappa tremulae (aspen -- spruce aphid)
Pachypappa warshavensis (poplar leaf-nest-gall aphid)
Paczoskia aphids
Paczoskia obtecta (horned knapweed aphid)
Panaphis aphids
Panaphis juglandis (large walnut-aphid)
Paracolopha aphids
Paracolopha morrisoni (zelkova-gall -- bamboo-root aphid)
Paracletus aphids
Paracletus cimiciformis (vampire pistachio-grass root aphid)
Paramyzus aphids
Paramyzus heraclei (pale hogweed-aphid)
Patchiella aphids
Patchiella kolokasia (Japanese lime -- taro aphid)
Patchiella reaumuri (lime leaf-nest -- taro-root aphid)
Pemphigus aphids
Pemphigus bursarius (poplar -- lettuce aphid)
Pemphigus gairi (poplar pouch-gall aphid)
Pemphigus immunis (poplar -- spurge gall aphid)
Pemphigus obesinymphae (cherubic poplar petiole gall aphid)
Pemphigus populi (club-shaped poplar-gall aphid)
Pemphigus populicaulis (poplar leaf-base gall aphid)
Pemphigus populiglobuli (poplar bullet gall aphid)
Pemphigus populinigrae (poplar -- cudweed pouch-gall aphid)
Pemphigus populitransversus (poplar petiole gall aphid, cabbage root aphid)
Pemphigus protospirae (poplar polyspiral-gall aphid)
Pemphigus spyrothecae (poplar spiral-gall aphid)
Pemphigus trehernei (sea aster root aphid)
Pemphigus vesicarius (tubular poplar-gall aphid)
Pentalonia aphids
Pentalonia nigronervosa (banana aphid)
Periphyllus aphids
Periphyllus acericola (sycamore periphyllus-aphid)
Periphyllus aceris (maple periphyllus-aphid)
Periphyllus californiensis (Californian maple-aphid)
Periphyllus hirticornis (green maple-periphyllus-aphid)
Periphyllus lyropictus (Norway maple periphyllus aphid)
Periphyllus obscurus (dark periphyllus aphid)
Periphyllus negundinis (boxelder aphid, Puceron de l'érable négondo)
Periphyllus testudinaceus (common periphyllus-aphid)
Periphyllus venetianus (marbled green maple aphid)
Phorodon aphids
Phorodon cannabis (hemp aphid)
Phorodon humuli (damson -- hop aphid)
Phorodon humulifoliae (oriental hop aphid)
Phyllaphis aphids
Phyllaphis fagi (woolly beech-aphid)
Phyllaphis grandifoliae (American woolly beech-aphid)
Phyllaphoides aphids
Phyllaphoides bambusicola (cottony-whiskered bamboo aphid)
Phylloxera aphids
Phylloxera caryaecaulis (hickory leaf stem gall aphid)
Phylloxera glabra (oak-leaf phylloxera)
Pineus aphids
Pineus orientalis (spruce -- pine woolly adelgid)
Pineus pini (pine woolly-aphid, Scots-pine adelgid)
Pineus strobi (pine bark adelgid, Weymouth pine adelgid)
Pleotrichophorus aphids
Pleotrichophorus chrysanthemi (bristly chrysanthemum aphid)
Pleotrichophorus glandulosus (bristly mugwort aphid)
Pleotrichophorus gnaphalodes (frosted sagebrush aphid)
Pleotrichophorus oestlundi (frosted rabbitbrush aphid)
Pleotrichophorus pseudoglandulosus (western bristly mugwort aphid)
Pleotrichophorus quadritrichus (dark-tailed sagebrush aphid)
Pleotrichophorus stroudi (Stroud's rabbitbrush aphid)
Plocamaphis aphids
Plocamaphis flocculosa (large waxy willow-aphid)
Prociphilus aphids
Prociphilus bumeliae and Prociphilus fraxini (ash leaf-nest aphids)
Prociphilus caryae (apple -- pine-root aphid)
Prociphilus fraxinifolii (leafcurl ash aphid)
Prociphilus osmanthae (osmanthus gall aphid)
Prociphilus pini (hawthorn -- pine-root aphid)
Prociphilus tessellatus (woolly alder aphid)
Prociphilus xylostei (Eurasian woolly honeysuckle aphid)
Protaphis aphids
Protaphis carlinae (carline thistle-rosette aphid)
Protaphis middletonii (corn root aphid)
Protaphis terricola sp. grp. (thistle-rosette aphid)
Protopterocallis aphids
Protopterocallis gigantea (red-stained hickory aphid)
Protrama aphids
Protrama radicis (thistle-root aphid, daisy-root aphid)
Protrama ranunculi (buttercup-root aphid)
Pseudacaudella aphids
Pseudacaudella rubida (chilled-out moss aphid)
Pseudasiphonaphis aphids
Pseudasiphonaphis corni (waxy dogwood aphid)
Pseudoregma aphids
Pseudoregma bambucicola (bamboo woolly aphid)
Pseudoregma carolinensis (southern bamboo woolly aphid)
Pseudoregma panicola (grass soldier aphid)
Pseudoregma sundanica (snowbell-ginger soldier aphid)
Pterocallis aphids
Pterocallis alni (common alder-aphid)
Pterocallis alnifoliae (speckled-alder aphid)
Pterocallis maculata (green-barred alder-aphid)
Pterocallis nigrostriata (black-lined alder aphid)
Pterochloroides aphids
Pterochloroides persicae (black peach-aphid)
Pterocomma aphids
Pterocomma bicolor (reddish-brown willow bark aphid)
Pterocomma pilosum (willow-bark aphid)
Pterocomma populeum (poplar-bark aphid)
Pterocomma populifoliae (grey-pink poplar bark aphid)
Pterocomma rufipes (rufous willow-bark aphid)
Pterocomma salicis (black willow-bark aphid)
Pterocomma smithiae (black willow aphid)
Pterocomma tremulae (aspen-bark aphid)
Reticulaphis aphids
Reticulaphis foveolatae (Nepal-fig scale aphid)
Reticulaphis rotifera (fan-haired scale aphid)
Rhopalomyzus aphids
Rhopalomyzus lonicerae (honeysuckle -- grass aphid)
Rhopalosiphoninus aphids
Rhopalosiphoninus calthae (marsh-marigold aphid)
Rhopalosiphoninus deutzifoliae (deutzia aphid)
Rhopalosiphoninus latysiphon (bulb-and-potato aphid)
Rhopalosiphoninus ribesinus (currant-stem aphid)
Rhopalosiphoninus staphyleae (mangold aphid)
Rhopalosiphum aphids
Rhopalosiphum enigmae (American cattail aphid)
Rhopalosiphum oxyacanthae = Rhopalosiphum insertum (apple -- grass aphid)
Rhopalosiphum maidis (corn leaf aphid)
Rhopalosiphum nymphaeae (water-lily aphid)
Rhopalosiphum padi (birdcherry-oat aphid)
Rhopalosiphum rufiabdominale =Rhopalosiphum rufiabdominalis (rice root aphid, red rice root aphid)
Roepkea aphids
Roepkea marchali (leaf-roll plum aphid)
Sanbornia aphids
Sanbornia juniperi (humpback juniper aphid)
Sarucallis aphids
Sarucallis kahawaluokalani (crape myrtle aphid)
Schizaphis aphids
Schizaphis agrostis (bent-grass aphid)
Schizaphis graminum (greenbug aphid)
Schizaphis holci (holcus grass aphid)
Schizaphis scirpi (bulrush aphid)
Schizaphis wahlgreni (pale-tailed sedge aphid)
Schizolachnus aphids
Schizolachnus obscurus (waxy brown pine-needle aphid)
Schizolachnus pineti (grey waxy pine-needle aphid)
Schlechtendalia aphids
Schlechtendalia chinensis (horned gall aphid)
Schoutedenia aphids
Schoutedenia emblica (Indian gooseberry aphid)
Schoutedenia ralumensis (two-tailed euphorb aphid)
Semiaphis aphids
Semiaphis dauci (waxy carrot aphid)
Semiaphis horvathi (short-cornicled hogs-fennel aphid)
Sensoriaphis aphids
Sensoriaphis nothofagi (New Zealand beech aphid)
Sensoriaphis tasmaniae (Tasmanian beech aphid)
Shivaphis aphids
Shivaphis celti (Asian woolly hackberry aphid)
Sipha aphids
Sipha elegans (bristly olive grass-aphid)
Sipha flava (yellow sugarcane aphid)
Sipha maydis (bristly black grass-aphid)
Sitobion aphids
Sitobion avenae (English grain-aphid)
Sitobion berkemiae (bear willow aphid)
Sitobion fragariae (blackberry -- grass aphid)
Sitobion luteum (yellow orchid aphid)
Sitobion miscanthi (Indian grain aphid)
Sitobion niwanistum (waxy tall bluebell aphid)
Smynthurodes aphids
Smynthurodes betae (bean root aphid, white cotton root aphid)
Staegeriella aphids
Staegeriella necopinata (bedstraw-shoot aphid)
Staticobium aphids
Staticobium staticis (sea-lavender aphid)
Stegophylla aphids
Stegophylla essigi (Californian woolly oak aphid)
Stomaphis aphids
Stomaphis graffii (giant maple-aphid)
Stomaphis longirostris (giant aspen-aphid)
Stomaphis quercus (giant oak-aphid)
Stomaphis wojciechowskii (pale giant oak-aphid)
Subsaltusaphis aphids
Subsaltusaphis picta (painted-sedge aphid)
Symydobius aphids
Symydobius americanus (dark birch-aphid)
Symydobius oblongus (shiny birch-aphid)
Takecallis aphids
Takecallis arundicolens (black-tailed bamboo-aphid)
Takecallis arundinariae (black-spotted bamboo-aphid)
Takecallis taiwana (bamboo-shoot aphid)
Tamalia aphids
Tamalia coweni (manzanita leafgall aphid)
Tetraneura aphids
Tetraneura nigriabdominalis (oriental grass-root aphid)
Tetraneura ulmi (elm -- grass aphid)
Thecabius aphids
Thecabius affinis (poplar -- buttercup gall-aphid)
Thecabius populimonilis (bead-like cottonwood gall aphid)
Thelaxes aphids
Thelaxes dryophila (common oak-thelaxid)
Thelaxes suberi (southern oak-thelaxid)
Therioaphis aphids
Therioaphis ononidis (spotted restharrow aphid)
Therioaphis riehmi (sweetclover aphid)
Therioaphis tenera (dusky-spotted caragana aphid)
Therioaphis trifolii (spotted alfalfa-aphid)
Thoracaphis aphids
Thoracaphis kashifolia (woolly oak scale aphid)
Thoracaphis linderae (wax-crusted scale aphid)
Tinocallis aphids
Tinocallis nevskyi (pale Japanese elm aphid)
Tinocallis platani (dark-shadowed elm aphid)
Tinocallis saltans (spotted elm aphid)
Tinocallis takachihoensis (Japanese elm aphid)
Tinocallis ulmifolii (American elm-leaf aphid)
Tinocallis ulmiparvifoliae (wax-spotted elm aphid)
Toxoptera aphids
Toxoptera aurantii (camellia aphid, black citrus-aphid)
Trama aphids
Trama caudata (garden root aphid)
Trama maritima (coastal root-aphid)
Trama rara (dandelion root aphid)
Trama troglodytes (artichoke-tuber aphid)
Trichosiphonaphis aphids
Trichosiphonaphis polygonifoliae (Asian honeysuckle-knotgrass aphid)
Tubaphis aphids
Tubaphis ranunculina (yellow buttercup-aphid)
Tuberaphis aphids
Tuberaphis owadai (permanent coral gall aphid)
Tuberculatus aphids
Tuberculatus annulatus (common oak-aphid)
Tuberculatus borealis (blue-green oak-aphid)
Tuberculatus kuricola (chestnut spotted aphid)
Tuberculatus neglectus (sessile oak aphid)
Tuberocephalus aphids
Tuberocephalus tsengi (oriental mugwort-aphid)
Tuberolachnus aphids
Tuberolachnus salignus (giant willow-aphid)
Uroleucon aphids
Uroleucon achilleae (red yarrow-aphid)
Uroleucon aeneum (dark-tailed thistle-aphid)
Uroleucon ambrosiae (brown ambrosia aphid)
Uroleucon anomalae (New England aster aphid)
Uroleucon breviscriptum (nondescript daisy aphid)
Uroleucon caligatum (northern green goldenrod aphid)
Uroleucon campanulae (harebell aphid)
Uroleucon cichorii (large chicory-aphid)
Uroleucon cirsii (large thistle-aphid)
Uroleucon compositae (safflower aphid)
Uroleucon erigeronense (large fleabane daisy aphid)
Uroleucon eupatorifoliae (varicolored snakeroot aphid)
Uroleucon formosanum (oriental lettuce aphid)
Uroleucon grossum (large hawksbeard aphid)
Uroleucon hypochoeridis (large cats-ear aphid)
Uroleucon impatiensicolens (rufous jewelweed aphid)
Uroleucon inulae (green sticky-fleabane aphid)
Uroleucon jaceae (large knapweed-aphid)
Uroleucon jaceicola (yellow-legged knapweed-aphid)
Uroleucon leontodontis (large hawkbit-aphid)
Uroleucon mierae (Andryala daisy aphid)
Uroleucon montanivorum (mountain cornflower aphid)
Uroleucon nigrotibium (dark-legged goldenrod aphid)
Uroleucon nigrotuberculatum (red goldenrod aphid)
Uroleucon obscuricaudatum (dusky-tailed sunflower aphid)
Uroleucon obscurum (large hawkweed-aphid)
Uroleucon picridis (large oxtongue-aphid)
Uroleucon pilosellae (brown mouse-ear hawkweed aphid)
Uroleucon pseudambrosiae (wild lettuce aphid)
Uroleucon pulicariae (large fleabane aphid)
Uroleucon rudbeckiae (goldenglow aphid)
Uroleucon rurale (northern wingstem aphid)
Uroleucon russellae (pearly everlasting aphid)
Uroleucon solidaginis (goldenrod-aphid)
Uroleucon sonchi (large sowthistle-aphid)
Uroleucon tanaceti (crimson tansy-aphid)
Uroleucon taraxaci (bronze-brown dandelion-aphid)
Uroleucon telekiae (bronze oxeye aphid)
Uroleucon verbesinae (bicolored frostweed aphid)
Utamphorophora aphids
Utamphorophora crataegi (four-spotted hawthorn aphid)
Utamphorophora humboldti (American grass-leaf aphid)
Vesiculaphis aphids
Vesiculaphis caricis (vesicular azalea-sedge aphid)
Vesiculaphis theobaldi (vesicular sedge aphid)
Wahlgreniella aphids
Wahlgreniella nervata (strawberry-tree aphid)
Wahlgreniella vaccinii (cowberry aphid)
Yamatocallis aphids
Yamatocallis tokyoensis (cloudy-winged Japanese-maple aphid)

Aphid higher taxa

Aphidomorpha families & subfamilies

Aphids by plant

Polyphagous aphids
Aphids on alder (Alnus)
Aphids on apple (Malus)
Aphids on beech (Fagus)
Aphids on berries (Rubus)
Aphids on birch (Betula)
Aphids on dogwood (Cornus)
Aphids on elm (Ulmus)
Aphids on fleabane (Pulicaria dysenterica)
Aphids on hazel (Corylus)
Aphids on maple and sycamore (Acer)
Aphids on nettles (Urtica)
Aphids on oak (Quercus)
Aphids on pear (Pyrus)
Aphids on pine (Pinus)
Aphids on plum and cherry (Prunus)
Aphids on poplar and aspen (Populus)
Aphids on rose : identification and control
Aphids on spruce (Picea)
Aphids on tansies (Tanacetum)
Aphids on thistles (Cynareae)
Aphids on walnut (Juglans)
Aphids on willow (Salix)

Aphid predators:


Chordata : Aves birds
Charadriiformes : Charadriidae
Vanellus indicus red-wattled lapwing
Passeriformes : Acrocephalidae
Acrocephalus schoenobaenus sedge warbler
Acrocephalus scirpaceous reed warbler
Passeriformes : Fringillidae
Spinus tristis American goldfinch
Passeriformes : Paridae
Cyanistes caeruleus Eurasian blue tit
Parus major great tit
Poecile atricapillus black-capped chickadee
Passeriformes : Parulidae
Oreothlypis peregrina Tennessee warbler
Setophaga coronata yellow-rumped warbler
Setophaga fusca Blackburnian warbler
Setophaga nigrescens black-throated gray warbler
Setophaga tigrina Cape May warbler
Passeriformes : Phylloscopidae
Phylloscopus collybita chiffchaff
Passeriformes : Sylviidae
Sylvia atricapilla blackcap
Sylvia cantillans species group subalpine warbler
Piciformes: Picidae
Dryobates pubescens downy woodpecker


Coleoptera : Coccinellidae Ladybirds, ladybugs, ladybeetles
Adalia bipunctata 2-spot ladybird
Adalia decempunctata 10-spot ladybird
Anatis ocellata eyed ladybird
Anisosticta novemdecimpunctata water ladybird
Aphidecta obliterata larch ladybird
Calvia quattuordecimguttata cream-spot ladybird
Chilocorus bipustulatus heather ladybird
Chilocorus nigritus (= Chilocorus nigrita) Malaysian ladybird, armoured scale predator
Coccinella hieroglyphica hieroglyphic ladybird
Coccinella magnifica scarce seven-spot ladybird
Coccinella quinquepunctata five-spot ladybird
Coccinella septempunctata seven-spot ladybird
Coccinella undecimpunctata eleven-spot ladybird
Cryptolaemus montrouzieri mealybug ladybird
Exochomus quadripustulatus pine ladybird
Harmonia axyridis harlequin ladybird
Harmonia quadripunctata cream-streaked ladybird
Hippodamia variegata Adonis ladybird
Myrrha octodecimguttata eighteen-spot ladybird
Myzia oblongoguttata striped ladybird
Propylea quattuordecimpunctata (=Propylea quatuordecimpunctata) fourteen-spot ladybird
Scymnus frontalis two-spot hairy ladybird
Rodolia cardinalis Vedalia beetle
Hemiptera true bugs
Hemiptera : Anthocoridae
Anthocoris nemoralis
Anthocoris nemorum common flower bug, minute pirate bug
Hemiptera : Miridae
Atractotomus magnicornis
Atractotomus mali apple-brown bug
Blepharidopterus angulatus black-kneed capsid
Deraecoris lutescens = Deraeocoris punctulatus
Deraeocoris ruber red-spotted plant bug
Dicyphus pallidus
Dryophilocoris flavoquadrimaculatus four-spotted oak bug
Grypocoris stysi = Calocoris stysi
Harpocera thoracica oak catkin mirid bug
Heterotoma planicornis
Macrolophus pygmaeus & Macrolophus melanotoma
Miris striatus fine-streaked bugkin
Phylus coryli
Plagiognathus arbustorum
Psallus ambiguus
Psallus varians
Tupiocoris rhododendri rhododendron mirid
Hemiptera : Nabidae
Himacerus apterus tree damsel bug
Hemiptera : Reduviidae
Empicoris vagabundus common thread-legged assassin bug
Trombidiformes : Anystidae
Anystis baccarum whirligig mite

Issues in Aphid Biology:

November 2022 Where do Tuberolachnus salignus come from? Sex and the giant willow aphid mystery
October 2022 Polyphagous Aphids of the World: And what is a polyphagous aphid?
May 2022 The strange truth about Honeydew: From elixir to marrows and cess pits
December 2018 Aphid Eggs: Biology and Morphology
March 2016 Aphid Forms, Polymorphs, Morphs and Phenes
February 2016 Aphid Nymphs, Instars, Moults & Metamorphosis: Biology and Morphology
May 2015 Rare aphids and conservation: Why they are rare is important
February 2015 Invasive aphids: Is Europe being overrun with non-native pests?
January 2015(2) Mites parasitizing and predating aphids: Some less well known aphid natural enemies
January 2015(1) Saltmarsh aphids: Living in a hazardous but productive environment
November 2014 Colour in Aphids, Part 2: Cryptic coloration, crypsis versus aposematism, and colour polymorphism
October 2014 Colour in Aphids, Part 1: Aposematic / warning coloration
September 2014 Exotic conifer aphids at Bedgebury Pinetum, and a parasitoid species new to Britain
August 2014 Giant Willow Aphid (Tuberolachnus salignus): Have we solved one of its mysteries?
July 2014 Giant aphids of challenged trees: Are these rare giants due a comeback?
June 2014 Root aphids: A first look at the extraordinary life of aphids underground

Useful information on aphids:

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Aphid Eggs: Biology & Morphology
Aphid forms, polymorphs, morphs, phenes
Aphid Nymphs: Biology & Morphology
How we get the best ultra-macro-photographs of aphids from a DSLR (a digital single lens reflex camera)
The strange truth about Honeydew: From elixir to marrows and cess pits
Useful weblinks
British Aphid Checklist
Nearctic Aphid Checklist Plant-lice of North America: USA, Canada, Mexico & Greenland

Aphid hunters blog

Aphid blog mid-Jan 2014 Formica rufa and Cinara pinea active in January. Plus Elatobium abietinum colonies.
Aphid blog late-Jan 2014 Microlophium carnosum and Macrosiphum hellebori active in January. Plus Adelges cooleyi nymphs.
Aphid blog February 2014 Essigella californica, wood ants massing, Dysaphis gallica.
Aphid blog March 2014 Aphid fundatrices on maple, Periphyllus testudinaceus and Drepanosiphum on maple, Cinara pruinosa on spruce, polyphagous Myzus species, Aphis ballotae & parietariae.
Aphid blog April 2014 Lasius fuliginosus attending Pterocomma salicis, pilosum, invasive Periphyllus californiensis, Rhopalosiphum padi fundatrix, Cinara pilicornis, cupressi.
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Aphid blog March 2015 Aphid wildlife in springtime Britain: 2 invasives, + 1 minor pest & 1 important pest

In the field (2)

Arthropods of Medical or Veterinary Importance:

Mosquitoes and biting-midges
Horseflies clegs and deerflies (Tabanids & Co.)
How to catch tabanids (horse-flies)
Atylotus rusticus (Four-lined horsefly)
Chrysops caecutiens (Splayed deerfly)
Chrysops relictus (Twin-lobed deerfly)
Chrysops viduatus (Square-spot deerfly)
Haematopota pluvialis (Common Cleg, or Notch-horned Cleg)
Hybomitra bimaculata (Hairy-legged horsefly)
Hybomitra ciureai (Yellow-horned levels-horsefly)
Hybomitra distinguenda (Bright horsefly)
Tabanus bromius (Band-eyed brown-horsefly)
Tabanus maculicornis (Narrow-winged horsefly)
Tabanus sudeticus (Dark giant-horsefly)
Stable-flies and face-flies
Tsetse-flies Louse-flies and Lice
Tsetse hosts at Nguruman
Hard-bodied ticks: Ixodidae
Bont ticks: Amblyomma
Bont-legged ticks: Hyalomma
Ixodid ticks: Ixodes
Brown ticks: Rhipicephalus


Critiques & controversies

Some specific cases

Analysis re Wakefield & MMR
Analysis re organic farms & biodiversity
Is culling badgers how to control bovine tuberculosis?

Invasive species:
Foot-and-mouth disease virus
Schmallenberg Virus

Health and Rural Development:
Maasai Blessing Ceremony
Statistical issues:
Why we need a new approach
Problems with the normal approach
Displaying distributions Using R
Learning statistics Using R simulation


Statistics in biology

Statistical mistakes in biology : overview, statistics & designs, why errors matter, identifying & avoiding errors
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Analytical surveys : cross-sectional studies, individual or group level, bias, odds ratio versus risk ratio
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
ANOVA for blocked designs : analysis of variance, randomized block, homogeneity of covariances, interaction between factors, Latin squares
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Binomial and Poisson distributions : standard error of proportion and rate, assumptions, cluster sampling, pattern of dispersion, test of randomness
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Binomial and related tests : binomial test, independence, sign test, McNemar's test, Cox and Stuart test for trend
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Bootstrap confidence intervals : percentile-t, accelerated bias-correction, statistical independence, number of replications
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Measures of validity for measurement variables : Bland Altman plot, calibration, regression, correlation
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Case-control designs : cases incident or prevalent, fixed cohort or dynamic population, control selection, matching
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Coefficient of variation : intra-assay and inter-assay, within subject, temporal variability
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Cohort designs : fixed cohorts, dynamic cohorts, prospective, retrospective, exposure misclassification, observer bias
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Confidence interval of mean : inferential statistic, assumptions, random sampling, normal distribution
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Confidence interval of a proportion : normal approximation interval, Wilson score, Clopper-Pearson, mid-P, assumptions, independence
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Confidence intervals of risk ratio, odds ratio, and rate ratio : Wald interval, exact intervals, independence of outcome
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Coping with missing data : non-response bias, intention to treat, last observation carried forward, linear interpolation, multiple imputation
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Covariance analysis ANCOVA : analysis of variance, regression, precision, homogeneity of slopes, linearity of responses
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Cox's proportional hazards regression model : proportional hazards assumption, multicollinearity, explained variation, model selection
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Data verification : data quality, observer bias, double data entry, outliers, trimmed means
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Descriptive surveys over time and space : monitoring over time, spatial distribution, passive and active surveillance, geographic information systems, weak inference
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Frequency distributions and their display : class based methods, histograms, frequency polygons, line and bar diagrams, pie charts, jittered dot plots, rank scatterplots, empirical cumulative distribution functions
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Errors-in-variable regression : measurement error, equation error, method of moments, orthogonal regression, major axis regression, allometry, Deeming regression
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Fisher's exact test : 2x2 contingency table, fixed factors, test of association
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Fully replicated factorial ANOVA : Fixed effects model, Formulae, Mixed effects model, Factorial design in randomized blocks, Nested cross-factored design
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Goodness-of-fit tests for categorized data : Pearson's chi square, likelihood ratio G-test, independence of observations, sample size, exact tests
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Intentional bias and scientific fraud : data fabrication, misrepresentation of results, plagiarism, multiple publication, unjustified authorship, paradigm dominance, misconduct denial
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Kolmogorov-Smirnov and related tests : one and two sample tests, normality, estimated parameters, Lilliefors test, discrete distributions
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA : non-parametric ANOVA, test of dominance, test of medians, distribution of observations
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Logistic regression : logit transformation, model misspecification, stepwise selection, manual backward selection, interaction
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Measures of location : arithmetic mean, geometric mean, harmonic mean, weighted mean, median, mode
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Measures of mortality and natality : proportions and rates, cumulative mortality, case fatality, mortality rate, natality, life tables, fertility tables, age distribution
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Measures of disease frequency : proportions and rates, prevalence, cumulative incidence, incidence rate, intensity, age standardization
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Multiple group and period designs : ecologic studies, ecological fallacy, mensurative experiment, quasi experiment, before and after studies, BACI design, confounding factors
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Multiple linear regression : choice of explanatory variables, diagnostics, multicollinearity, variable selection, model simplification, model validation
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Multiple comparison tests after ANOVA : Approach to multiple comparisons, Planned orthogonal comparisons, Fisher's protected least significant difference, LSD Bonferroni & Dunn-Sidak, Planned non-orthogonal comparisons, Unplanned pairwise comparisons, Tukey's Honestly Significant Difference, Student-Newman-Keuls Test, Ryan's Q Test, Unplanned pairwise & combined mean comparisons
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Negative binomial distribution : contagious distribution, overdispersion parameter, truncation, log series, log normal distribution
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Nested ANOVA : mixed and random effects, distribution of errors, confusion with one way ANOVA, erroneous pooling of lower error terms
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Nonparametric correlation and regression : Spearman rank correlation coefficient, Kendall rank-order correlation coefficient, monotonic relationship, Sen's estimator of slope
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Normal distribution : normal distribution assumption, tests of normality, graphical methods
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Null hypothesis significance testing : P=0.05 syndrome, naked P-values, proving the null hypothesis, statistical significance, biological importance, one and two-tailed tests
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
One-way fixed effects ANOVA : analysis of variance, independence of replicates, pseudoreplication, homogeneity of variances, normal distribution of errors, Levene's test
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
One-way random effects ANOVA : analysis of variance, intraclass correlation coefficient, repeatability, measurement error
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Paired t-test : before-after studies, confounding factors, pseudoreplication, convenience sampling, normality of the mean difference
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Pearson's chi square test of independence : independence of outcome, paired samples, cluster sampling, pooling from multiple tables, Yates' continuity correction
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Pearson's correlation coefficient : scatterplot, bivariate normality, homogeneity of variances, linearity, causality, association versus agreement
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Statistical power and sample size : minimum detectable difference, sample size, cluster trials, post-hoc power analysis, effect size, reliability
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Pseudoreplication : simple, temporal and sacrificial pseudoreplication, independence of replicates, cluster randomized trials, pooling error terms
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Quantiles as summary statistics : box and whisker plots, interquartile range, outliers, quantile quantile plots
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Randomized experiments : manipulation, random allocation, independent replication, multiple treatment levels
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Measures of relationship between variables : Risk ratio, odds ratio, rate ratio, scatterplots, correlation, regression
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Runs tests : one-sample runs test, Wald-Wolfowitz test, test of randomness, comparing distributions, trends
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Measures of validity for binary and nominal variables : sensitivity, specificity, overall accuracy, likelihood ratios, area under the curve, spectrum bias, gold standard, measurement bias
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Simple linear regression : linearity, independence of errors, bias, regression to the mean, errors in variables
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Split plot & repeated measures ANOVA : partially nested designs, analysis of variance, interactions confounded, subjects × trials, subjects × treatments, sphericity, linear mixed effects model
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Standard error of the mean : standard error versus standard deviation, inferential statistic
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Survey sampling methods : probability sampling, convenience sampling, haphazard sampling, quota sampling, cluster sampling, adaptive sampling, missing observations, non-response bias, measurement error, data validation
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Transformations : rescaling, monotonic, log transformation, normalizing distributions, linearizing curves, homogenizing variances, additive model, detransformation
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Types of variables : Scale of measurement, nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio, collapsing variables
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Two-sample t-tests : Equal-variance t-test, Unequal-variance t-test, Weighted t-test, Confidence interval of difference between means
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Variance and standard deviation : Use for skewed data, corrections for bias, repeatability, within-subject standard deviation
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test : versus t-test, similarity of distributions, reported measure of location, small samples, tied data
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Wilcoxon matched pairs signed rank test : versus paired t-test, distribution of differences, symmetricality, power
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
Z scores : standard deviations, reference population, shape of distribution, weight-for-age, validity
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions
z-test for independent proportions : independent proportions, risk difference, confidence interval of difference, critical ratio test, chi square test
Use & misuse, How to, Principles, properties & assumptions


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Remote sensing
Global positioning systems
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CI of difference between 2 means
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G likelihood ratio test
Comparing survival rates
r × c tables & partitioning
Multiple 2×2 tables
Chi square test for trend
Measuring agreement
z test for rates
Matched studies
CI for attributable risk
Median test
Anderson-Darling test
Cramér-von-Mises test
Lilliefors test
Testing homogeneity of replicates
Cluster sampling
Hartley's & Cochran's tests
Bartlett's test
Levene's test
Unequal variance ANOVA
Design effect in cluster sampling
Checking orthogonality
Nonparametric multiple comparisons
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Shapiro-Wilk's test for normality
Phi coefficient
Serial correlation
Piecewise regression
Sen's estimator of slope
Coefficient of concordance
LOWESS regression
Quantile regression
Friedman's two way ANOVA
Tukey's test of non-additivity
Unbalanced factorial designs
Conditional logistic regression
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Distributions of failure times

Statistics for beginners

Elementary Statistics Pages of information for struggling students - and their teachers
Introduction to stats
What a statistic is
Samples and replicates
Transformation and recoding
Types of data
Basic statistics
Standard deviations
Cumulative plots
Some simple formulae

Statistics Bibliography

Stats bibliography web
Stats bibliography wikipedia
Ecology Stats bibliography 1
Medical Stats bibliography 1
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Stats bibliography 12
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Stats bibliography 13
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Stats bibliography 14
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