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Check-list of North American Aphids

Plant lice of North America: USA, Canada, Mexico & Greenland

Brightwell, R. & Dransfield, R.D.

Draft list. Revised June 2020

Aphidoidea, known as aphids, or to Americans as 'plant lice', are species of small, pear-shaped, soft bodied, sap-feeding, insects. Roughly 1500 Aphidoidea species have been recorded in North America, or more specifically, from the Nearctic eco-geographical region. The Nearctic region includes most of North America (the USA, Canada, Greenland, and parts of Mexico).

Simply listing those aphids is not quite as simple as might be supposed: New species are discovered, new arrivals are noted (few of which prosper), errors in old reports are found, and the species names and classifications get amended. This list is compiled from the most current worldwide aphid identification guide (Blackman & Eastop, 2016 to 2022) and the checklist of the Hemiptera of Canada and Alaska (Maw et al., 2006). We include English names, and some synonyms (for a fuller list see Favret, 2016), as well as noting which species are not native, when their status is uncertain, or if they have been recorded erroneously. We also include non-native (adventive) aphids detailed in Footit et al. (2006), Skvarla et al. (2017) and other sources.

To facilitate searches, species include their binary, Genus species, name.

Some entries are highlighted as follows:

Turquoise   Not native. Yellow   Status uncertain. Red   Recorded erroneously in some lists. Underlined species   Link to their InfluentialPoints Gallery page

If you find any omissions or mistakes in this draft list, please email info@influentialpoints.com


Abstrusomyzus leucocrini (Gillette & Palmer).

Abstrusomyzus phloxae (Sampson).

Abstrusomyzus reticulatus (Heie). Indigenous, polyphagous. Widely distributed in North America.

Abstrusomyzus valuliae (Robinson).

Acuticauda asterensis Gillette & Palmer.

Acuticauda solidaginifoliae (Williams).

Acyrthosiphon assiniboinensis Robinson.

Acyrthosiphon auctum (Walker).

Acyrthosiphon bidenticola Smith. Not indigenous. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Acyrthosiphon boreale Hille Ris Lambers, Northern Cinquefoil Aphid.

Acyrthosiphon brevicorne Hille Ris Lambers.

Acyrthosiphon caraganae (Cholodkosvsky), Caragana Aphid. Parks and gardens throughout temperate Northern Hemisphere. Not indigenous.

Acyrthosiphon churchillense Robinson.

Acyrthosiphon gossypii Mordvilko. Not indigenous. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Acyrthosiphon kondoi Shinji. An important pest of alfalfa. Not indigenous.

Acyrthosiphon lactucae (Passerini), (= Acyrthosiphon (Tlja) lactucae). Not indigenous.

Acyrthosiphon macrosiphum (Wilson).

Acyrthosiphon malvae (Mosley), (= Acyrthosiphon pelargonii), Geranium Aphid. Not indigenous, polyphagous.

Acyrthosiphon malvae rogersi (Theobald). Not indigenous.

Acyrthosiphon pentatrichopus Hille Ris Lambers.

Acyrthosiphon pisum (Harris), Pea Aphid. Not indigenous, cosmopolitan, temperate, pest.

Acyrthosiphon primulae (Theobald), Primrose Aphid.

Acyrthosiphon pseudodirhodum (Patch).

Acyrthosiphon purshiae (Palmer).

Acyrthosiphon scalare (Richards) (= Chaetosiphon scalaris). Listed by Maw et al. (2006) and Favret (2016) but not Blackman & Eastop (2016).

Acyrthosiphon scariolae Nevsky, (=Acyrthosiphon (Tlja) scariolae).

Acyrthosiphon vandenboschi Hille Ris Lambers.

Acyrthosiphon wasintae (Hottes).

Adelges (Sacchiphantes) abietis (Linnaeus), (= Adelges abietis), Eastern Spruce Gall Adelgid.

Adelges (Gilletteella) cooleyi (Gillette), (= Adelges cooleyi), Cooley Spruce Gall Adelgid.

Adelges (Gilletteella) coweni (Gillette), (= Adelges coweni).

Adelges laricis Vallot, (= strobilobius Kaltenbach), Larch Adelgid, Pale Spruce Gall Adelgid.

Adelges laricis aenigmaticus Annand.

Adelges laricis diversis Annand. Indigenous, only observed once.

Adelges laricis lariciatus Patch. Spruce Gall Adelgid

Adelges laricis oregonensis Annand.

Adelges (Dreyfusia) nordmannianae (Eckstein), (= Adelges nordmannianae), Silver Fir Woolly Adelgid.

Adelges (Dreyfusia) piceae (Ratzeburg), Balsam Woolly Adelgid.

Adelges (Dreyfusia) prelli (Grosmann), (= Adelges prelli).

Adelges (Annandina) tsugae Annand, Hemlock Woolly Aphid, (= Adelges tsugae = Adelges funitecta).

Allaphis californica (Hille Ris Lambers).

Allaphis cyperi (Walker) (= Thripsaphis (Trichocallis) cyperi (Walker) = Thripsaphis cyperi).

Allaphis daviaulti (Quednau) (= Thripsaphis (Trichocallis) daviaulti).

Allaphis hybrida (Hille Ris Lambers).

Allaphis pacifica (Hille Ris Lambers).

Allaphis producta (Gillette), (= Allaphis caricicola Mordvilko 1921, = Allaphis cyperi ssp. wulingshanensis Zhang & Zhang 1993 = Thripsaphis (Trichocallis) producta).

Allaphis scabra (Hille Ris Lambers).

Allaphis stromi Quednau.

Allaphis utahensis (Knowlton & Hall).

Allaphis verrucosa (Gillette) (= Thripsaphis (Trichocallis) verrucosa). Differences between Allaphis verrucosa nodulosa and Allaphis verrucosa subverrucosa (Hille Ris Lambers) could be environmentally induced.

Aloephagus myersi Essig, aloe vera aphid. Not indigenous, minor pest.

Alphitoaphis lonicericola (Williams).

Amphicercidus flocculosus (Gillette & Palmer).

Amphicercidus pulverulens (Gillette).

Amphorophora agathonica Hottes, Large Raspberry Aphid.

Amphorophora ampullata Buckton. Not indigenous.

Amphorophora coloutensis Smith & Knowlton.

Amphorophora forbesi Richards, (= Aulacorthum capilanoense Robinson).

Amphorophora gei (Börner), Water Avens Aphid.

Amphorophora geranii Gillette & Palmer.

Amphorophora idaei Börner, Large Raspberry Aphid. Not indigenous. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Amphorophora kesocqua Hottes.

Amphorophora pacifica Hill.

Amphorophora parviflori Hill.

Amphorophora pawtincae Hottes.

Amphorophora rossi Hottes & Frison.

Amphorophora rubi (Kaltenbach), Large Blackberry Aphid. Not indigenous, most American records are misidentifications of Amphorophora agathonica. May not occur in North America.

Amphorophora rubicumberlandi Knowlton & Allen.

Amphorophora rubitoxica Knowlton.

Amphorophora sensoriata Mason.

Amphorophora stachyophila Hille Ris Lambers.

Amphorophora stolonis Robinson.

Amphorophora tigwatensa Hottes.

Amphorophora urtica Essig.

Anoecia caricis Pergande.

Anoecia corni (Fabricius), Common Dogwood-Grass Aphid. Not indigenous.

Anoecia cornicola (Walsh).

Anoecia equiseti Halbert.

Anoecia graminis Gillette & Palmer.

Anoecia oenotherae Wilson.

Anoecia setariae Gillette & Palmer.

Anoecia vagans Koch, (= Anoecia willcocksi Theobald; Zwolfer 1957). Not indigenous.

Anthracosiphon crystleae Smith.

Anuraphis farfarae (Koch), Pear-Colt's Foot Aphid. Not indigenous. Records unconfirmed.

Anuraphis subterranea (Walker, 1852), Pear-Hogweed Aphid. Not indigenous. Records unconfirmed.

Aphidounguis mali Takahashi. Not indigenous, observed once in a botanical garden.

Aphis aba Miller.

Aphis acetosae Linnaeus. Not indigenous, unconfirmed.

Aphis acrita Smith.

Aphis affinis Del Guercio. Not indigenous. 3 intercepts at US ports of entry.

Aphis agastachyos Hille Ris Lambers.

Aphis amaranthi Holman. Not indigenous.

Aphis araliaeradicis Strom.

Aphis armata Hausmann, Permanent Foxglove Aphid.

Aphis asclepiadis Fitch, (= Aphis helianthi Monell, = Aphis carduella Walsh). Indigenous, polyphagous.

Aphis astericola Tissot.

Aphis astragali Ossiannilsson.

Aphis astragalina Hille Ris Lambers.

Aphis aubletia Sanborn. Indigenous, only observed once.

Aphis (Toxoptera) aurantii Boyer de Fonscolombe (= Aphis aurantii = Toxoptera aurantii), Black Citrus Aphid, Camellia Aphid, Tea Aphid. Not indigenous, major pest, polyphagous.

Aphis baccharicola Hille Ris Lambers.

Aphis boydstoni Pike.

Aphis caliginosa Hottes & Frison.

Aphis callunae Theobald, Heather Aphid. Not indigenous.

Aphis (Zyxaphis) canae Williams, (= Aphis canae).

Aphis cari Essig.

Aphis catalpae Mamontova.

Aphis ceanothi Clarke.

Aphis cephalanthi Thomas, Button-bush Aphid

Aphis cercocarpi Gillette & Palmer.

Aphis chetansapa Hottes & Frison.

Aphis chloris Koch., St John's Wort Aphid. Not indigenous, introduced for weed control.

Aphis (Zyxaphis) crypta (Pack & Knowlton) (=Aphis crypta). Listed by Maw et al. (2006) and Favret (2016) but not Blackman & Eastop (2016).

Aphis (Zyxaphis) chrysothamni (Wilson), (= Aphis chrysothamni).

Aphis (Zyxaphis) chrysothamnicola (Gillette & Palmer), (= Aphis chrysothamnicola).

Aphis (Toxoptera) citricidus (Kirkaldy), (= Aphis citricidus = Toxoptera citricida), Tropical Citrus Aphid. Not indigenous, polyphagous, major pest.

Aphis citrina Nevsky.

Aphis clydesmithi Stroyan.

Aphis coreopsidis (Thomas), Tupelo-Blackjack Aphid.

Aphis cornifoliae Fitch.

Aphis coronopifoliae Bartholomew.

Aphis (Bursaphis) costalis Cook, (= Aphis costalis).

Aphis coweni Palmer.

Aphis craccae Linnaeus, Tufted Vetch Aphid. Not indigenous.

Aphis craccivora Koch, Cowpea Aphid, Groundnut Aphid. Not indigenous, polyphagous. Major pest of leguminous crops worldwide.

Aphis crassicauda Smith & Eckel.

Aphis cuscutae Davis.

Aphis cytisorum Hartig, Broom Aphid. Not indigenous.

Aphis decepta Hottes & Frison.

Aphis duckmountainensis Rojanavongse & Robinson.

Aphis elena Lagos-Kutz & Voegtlin.

Aphis (Bursaphis) epilobii Kaltenbach, (= Aphis epilobii), Willowherb Aphid. Not indigenous.

Aphis equiseticola Ossiannilsson. Circumboreal distribution? Footit et al. (2006).

Aphis eugeniae van der Goot. Not indigenous.

Aphis euphorbiae Kaltenbach, Spurge Aphid Not indigenous.

Aphis evonymi Fabricius, (= Aphis euonymi), Spindle Aphid. Not indigenous, records probably misidentifications.

Aphis fabae Scopoli, Black Bean Aphid. Not indigenous, Palearctic, polyphagous, pest.

Aphis farinosa Gmelin, Small Willow Aphid.

Aphis hamamelidis Pepper. Listed by Maw et al. (2006) and Favret (2016) but not Blackman & Eastop (2016).

Aphis feminea Hottes.

Aphis (Zyxaphis) filifoliae (Gillette & Palmer) (=Aphis filifoliae).

Aphis folsomii Davis.

Aphis forbesi Weed, Strawberry Root Louse.

Aphis frangulae Kaltenbach, Alder Buckthorn-Willowherb Aphid. Not indigenous, most records are probably Aphis nasturtii.

Aphis fraserae Gillette & Palmer.

Aphis galiiscabri Schrank.

Aphis gallowayi Robinson.

Aphis genistae Scopoli. Not indigenous.

Aphis gerardiae (Thomas).

Aphis glycines Matsumura, Soybean Aphid. Not indigenous, major pest.

Aphis gossypii Glover, Cotton Aphid, Melon Aphid. Not indigenous, major polyphagous pest.

Aphis gregalis Knowlton.

Aphis (Bursaphis) grossulariae Kaltenbach (=Aphis grossulariae), Gooseberry-Willowherb Aphid. Not indigenous, unconfirmed.

Aphis hederae Kaltenbach, Ivy Aphid. Not indigenous, minor pest.

Aphis hieracii Schrank. Not indigenous, unconfirmed, seems to be unsubstantiated.

Aphis (Zyxaphis) hermistonii Wilson (=Aphis hermistonii).

Aphis hiltoni Essig.

Aphis holodisci Robinson.

Aphis (Bursaphis) holoenotherae Rakauskas, (= Aphis holoenotherae). originally thought to be introduced.

Aphis hyperici Monell.

Aphis idaei van der Goot, Raspberry Aphid. Not indigenous.

Aphis ilicis Kaltenbach, Holly Aphid. Not indigenous, unconfirmed.

Aphis illinoisensis Shimer, Grapevine Aphid.

Aphis impatientis Thomas, (= Aphis floridanae Tissot).

Aphis (Zyxaphis) infrequens Knowlton in Knowlton & Smith, (= Aphis infrequens). Indigenous, but not confirmed as a distinct species. Very similar to Aphis chrysothamnicola.

Aphis intybi Koch. Not indigenous, probably established.

Aphis iteae (Tissot).

Aphis laciniariae Gillette & Palmer.

Aphis lithospermi Wilson.

Aphis longicauda (Baker).

Aphis lugentis Williams.

Aphis lupinehansoni Knowlton.

Aphis lupini Gillette & Palmer.

Aphis maculatae Oestlund, Spotted Poplar Aphid.

Aphis madderae Robinson.

Aphis madronae (Essig).

Aphis (Bursaphis) manitobensis Robinson & Rojanavongse, (= Aphis manitobensis).

Aphis masoni Richards.

Aphis medicaginis (Koch). Not indigenous, records of this species are misidentifications of Aphis craccivora.

Aphis mimuli Oestlund (= Aphis ribiensis Gillette & Palmer).

Aphis minima Tissot.

Aphis (Zyxaphis) minutissima (Gillette & Palmer) (=Aphis minutissima).

Aphis mizzou Lagos & Puttler.

Aphis monardae Oestlund.

Aphis nasturtii Kaltenbach, Buckthorn Aphid, Buckthorn-Potato Aphid. Not indigenous, polyphagous pest.

Aphis neilliae Oestlund.

Aphis neogillettei Palmer.

Aphis neomonardae Rojanavongse & Robinson.

Aphis nepetae Kaltenbach. Not indigenous, unconfirmed.

Aphis nerii Boyer de Fonscolombe, Oleander Aphid, Milkweed Aphid Not indigenous, polyphagous pest.

Aphis nigra Wilson. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Aphis nigratibialis Robinson.

Aphis nivalis (Hille Ris Lambers).

Aphis odinae (van der Goot). Not indigenous, rather polyphagous. 2 intercepts at US ports of entry.

Aphis (Bursaphis) oenotherae Oestlund, (= Aphis oenotherae = Aphis ribigillettei Allen & Knowlton; ?= Aphis neomexicana Cockerell & Cockerell).

Aphis oestlundi Gillette.

Aphis (Zyxaphis) oregonensis Wilson (=Aphis oregonensis).

Aphis ornata (Gillette & Palmer).

Aphis pawneepae Hottes.

Aphis pentstemonicola Gillette & Palmer.

Aphis phaceliae Gillette & Palmer.

Aphis pilosicauda Gillette & Palmer.

Aphis plantaginis Goeze, Plantain Aphid. Not indigenous, record unsubstantiated.

Aphis polygonata Nevsky, (= avicularis Hille Ris Lambers), Brown Knotgrass Aphid. Not indigenous. Observed once, from a suction trap.

Aphis pomi De Geer, Green Apple Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.

Aphis praeterita Walker, (= Aphis diphaga Walker = Aphis epilobiina Walker), Hairy Willowherb Aphid. Not indigenous.

Aphis pseudovalerianae Gillette & Palmer.

Aphis pulchella Hottes & Frison.

Aphis ramona Swain.

Aphis reticulata Wilson. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Aphis ripariae Oestlund.

Aphis roripae (Palmer).

Aphis rubicola Oestlund.

Aphis rubifolii (Thomas).

Aphis rubiradicis Robinson.

Aphis ruborum (Börner & Schilder), Small Bramble Aphid, Permanent Blackberry Aphid. Not indigenous.

Aphis rumicis Linnaeus, Dock Aphid. Not indigenous.

Aphis salicariae Koch, (= Aphis corniella Hille Ris Lambers), Dogwood-Rosebay Willowherb Aphid. Not indigenous.

Aphis sambuci Linnaeus = Aphis sambucifoliae Fitch, Elder Aphid. Not indigenous, polyphagous.

Aphis saniculae Williams.

Aphis sassceri Wilson.

Aphis schuhi Robinson.

Aphis sedi Kaltenbach, (= Aphis tahosalea Hottes & Wehrle), Stonecrop Aphid. Not indigenous.

Aphis senecionis Williams.

Aphis senecioradicis (Gillette & Palmer).

Aphis sierra Essig. Indigenous, but not confirmed as a distinct species. Very similar to Aphis penstemicola.

Aphis (Bursaphis) solitaria McVicar Baker, (= Aphis solitaria).

Aphis spiraecola Patch, (= Aphis citricola van der Goot of some authors), Spirea Aphid, Green Citrus Aphid. Not indigenous, major polyphagous pest.

Aphis spiraephaga Müller.

Aphis spiraephila Patch.

Aphis taraxacicola (Börner), Dandelion Aphid. Not indigenous. Observed once, from a suction trap.

Aphis thalictri Koch. Not indigenous.

Aphis thaspii Oestlund.

Aphis ulmariae Schrank. Footit (2006) suggests many if not all of these are misidentifications.

Aphis umbrella (Börner), (= Aphis rostellum; see Stekolshchikov & Buga 2017), Umbrella Aphid. Not indigenous.

Aphis unaweepiensis Hottes.

Aphis urticata Gmelin, Dark Green Nettle Aphid. Not indigenous.

Aphis (Zyxaphis) utahensis (Knowlton), (= Aphis utahensis).

Aphis vaccinii (Börner). Not indigenous.

Aphis valerianae Cowen.

Aphis (Bursaphis) varians Patch, (= Aphis varians).

Aphis vernoniae Thomas.

Aphis viburni Scopoli, Viburnum Aphid. Not indigenous, unconfirmed, seems to be unsubstantiated. Probably Aphis fabae or Aphis viburniphila Patch.

Aphis viburniphila Patch.

Aphis wahena Hottes & Wehrle.

Aphis wartenbergi (Börner).

Aphis whiteshellensis Rojanavongse & Robinson.

Aphis zonassa Knowlton.

Aphthargelia rumbleboredomia Jensen.

Aphthargelia symphoricarpi (Thomas).

Aploneura ampelina (Mokrzecky), (= Slavum lentiscoides Mordvilko?). Not indigenous. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Aploneura lentisci (Passerini), Mealy Grass Root Aphid. Not indigenous.

Appendiseta robiniae (Gillette), Black Locust Aphid, Lotus Tree Aphid.

Artemisaphis artemisicola (Williams) (= Obtusicauda artemisicola).

Asiphonaphis japonica Torikura.

Asiphonaphis pruni Wilson & Davis.

Asiphonaphis utahensis Knowlton.

Asiphonella dactylonii Theobald. Not indigenous.

Aspidaphis adjuvans (Walker), Wrinkly Knotgrass Aphid. Not indigenous.

Aspidophorodon (Eoessigia) longicauda (Richards) (=Aspidophorodon longicauda).

Atarsos grindeliae Gillette.

Atheroides serrulatus Haliday, Orange Grass Aphid. Not indigenous, minor pest.

Atheroides vallescaldera Miller & Jensen.

Aulacorthum dorsatum Richards.

Aulacorthum pterinigrum Richards Appearance of.

Aulacorthum solani (Kaltenbach), Glasshouse-Potato Aphid, Foxglove Aphid. Not indigenous, polyphagous major pest.


Betulaphis brevipilosa Börner, (= Betulaphis helvetica Hille Ris Lambers). Not indigenous, often confused with Betulaphis quadrituberculata.

Betulaphis pelei Hille Ris Lambers (= Betulaphis arctosetis Richards).

Betulaphis quadrituberculata (Kaltenbach), Small Downy Birch Aphid. Not indigenous.

Bipersona ochrocentri (Cockerell).

Bipersona torticauda Gillette.

Boernerina alni ssp. alaskensis Hille Ris Lambers & Hottes (= Boernerina variabilis alaskensis). Footit et al. (2006).

Boernerina occidentalis Hille Ris Lambers & Hottes.

Boernerina variabilis Richards.

Brachycaudus (Thuleaphis) acaudata (Hille Ris Lambers), (= Brachycaudus acaudata).

Brachycaudus (Prunaphis) cardui (Linnaeus), (= Brachycaudus cardui), Thistle Aphid, Plum-Thistle Aphid. Not indigenous, pest.

Brachycaudus helichrysi (Kaltenbach), Leafcurl Plum Aphid. Not indigenous, Palearctic, major pest.

Brachycaudus (Scrophulaphis) persicae group, (= Brachycaudus persicae), Black Peach Aphid. Not indigenous, pest.

Brachycaudus (Appelia) prunicola (Kaltenbach), (= Brachycaudus prunicola), Black-barred Plum Aphid. Not indigenous, unconfirmed.

Brachycaudus (Brachycaudina) rociadae (Cockerell), (= Brachycaudus rociadae).

Brachycaudus (Thuleaphis) rumexicolens (Patch), (= Brachycaudus rumexicolens). Not indigenous.

Brachycaudus (Appelia) schwartzi (Börner), (= Brachycaudus schwartzi). Not indigenous, pest.

Brachycaudus spiraeae (Börner). Not indigenous.

Brachycaudus (Appelia) tragopogonis (Kaltenbach), (= Brachycaudus tragopogonis), Goat's-beard Aphid. Not indigenous.

Brachycolus brachysiphon Richards.

Brachycorynella asparagi (Mordvilko). Not indigenous, locally-serious pest.

Brachyunguis bicolor Ivanoskaya.

Brachyunguis bishopi Remaudière & Halbert.

Brachyunguis bonnevillensis Knowlton.

Brachyunguis cahuille (Dickson).

Brachyunguis tetrapteralis (Cockerell).

Braggia agathona (Hottes).

Braggia columbiana Pike.

Braggia deserticola Hille Ris Lambers.

Braggia echinata Gillette & Palmer.

Braggia eriogoni (Cowen).

Braggia longicauda Pike.

Braggia uncompahgrensis Hottes. Probably the same as Braggia echinata.

Braggia urovaneta (Hottes).

Brevicoryne arctica Richards.

Brevicoryne brassicae (Linnaeus), Mealy Cabbage Aphid, Cabbage Aphid. Not indigenous, Palearctic, pest.

Brevicoryne fraterna (Strom).

Byrsocryptoides zelkovae Dzhibladze.

Byrsocryptoides zelkovaecola Dzhibladze.


Cachryphora canadensis Hille Ris Lambers.

Cachryphora imbricaria Richards.

Cachryphora serotinae (Oestlund).

Calaphis alni Baker.

Calaphis arctica Hille Ris Lambers.

Calaphis betulaecolens (Fitch), Common Birch Aphid.

Calaphis (Cepegillettea) betulaefoliae Granovsky, (= Calaphis betulaefoliae).

Calaphis betulella Walsh.

Calaphis betulicola (Kaltenbach). Not indigenous.

Calaphis coloradensis Granovsky.

Calaphis flava (Mordvilko), (= Calaphis basalis Stroyan 1957; = Calaphis granovskyi Palmer 1952), Yellow Dark-veined Birch Aphid. Not indigenous, contains several cryptic species.

Calaphis leonardi Quednau.

Calaphis manitobensis Richards.

Calaphis (Cepegillettea) myricae (Patch), (= Calaphis myricae).

Calaphis neobetulella Quednau.

Calaphis viridipallida Palmer.

Callipterinella calliptera (Hartig), (= Callipterinella annulatus Koch), Black-banded Birch Aphid. Not indigenous, widespread on Betula pendula, minor pest.

Callipterinella minutissima (Stroyan). Not indigenous, minor pest.

Capitophorus archangelskii Nevsky. Not indigenous, only record probably Capitophorus pakansus.

Capitophorus carduinus (Walker), Thistle-Oleaster Aphid. Not indigenous. American records may be Capitophorus elaeagni.

Capitophorus elaeagni (del Guercio), Artichoke Aphid, Common Oleaster Aphid. Not indigenous.

Capitophorus essigi Hille Ris Lambers.

Capitophorus formosartemisiae (Takahashi).

Capitophorus hippophaes (Walker), Polygonum Aphid, Bistort Aphid. Not indigenous.

Capitophorus horni Börner. Not indigenous.

Capitophorus hudsonicus Robinson.

Capitophorus jopepperi Corpus-Raros & Cook.

Capitophorus pakansus Hottes & Frison. Not indigenous.

Capitophorus shepherdiae Gillette & Bragg.

Capitophorus xanthii (Oestlund).

Carolinaia caricis Wilson.

Carolinaia carolinensis Smith.

Carolinaia (Glabromyzus) corazonensis Remaudière & Muños Viveros, (= Carolinaia corazonensis).

Carolinaia cyperi Ainslie.

Carolinaia floridensis Remaudière & Muños Viveros.

Carolinaia (Glabromyzus) howardii (Wilson), (= Carolinaia howardii).

Carolinaia (Glabromyzus) rhois (Monell), (= Carolinaia rhois) Sumac-Grass aphid, Monell's sumach aphid.

Carolinaia rhusifoliae (Richards).

Carolinaia (Glabromyzus) schlingeri (Hille Ris Lambers), (= Carolinaia schlingeri).

Carolinaia (Juncomyzus) scirpi (van der Goot), (= Carolinaia scirpi).

Carolinaia (Glabromyzus) setariae Remaudière & Muños Viveros, (= Carolinaia setariae).

Carolinaia tissoti Remaudière & Muños Viveros.

Catamergus fulvae (Oestlund), Waxy impatiens aphid.

Catamergus kickapoo (Hottes & Frison).

Cavariella aegopodii (Scopoli), Willow-Carrot Aphid. Not indigenous, Palearctic, pest.

Cavariella (Cavaraiellia) aquatica Gillette & Bragg, (= Cavariella aquatica).

Cavariella archangelicae (Scopoli), Willow-Angelica Aphid. Not indigenous.

Cavariella borealis Hille Ris Lambers.

Cavariella digitata Hille Ris Lambers.

Cavariella hendersoni Knowlton & Smith.

Cavariella konoi Takahashi, Spotted Willow-Angelica Aphid.

Cavariella pastinacae (Linnaeus), Willow-Umbellifer Aphid. Not indigenous.

Cavariella pseudopustula Hille Ris Lambers. Listed by Maw et al. (2006) and Favret (2016) but not Blackman & Eastop (2016).

Cavariella pustula Essig.

Cavariella salicis (Monell).

Cavariella theobaldi (Gillette & Bragg), Willow-Parsnip Aphid.

Cedoaphis incognitaCedoaphis incognita Hottes & Frison.

Cedoaphis maxsoni (Palmer).

Cepegillettea viridis Richards. Listed by Maw et al. (2006) and Favret (2016) but not Blackman & Eastop (2016).

Cerataphis brasiliensis (Hempel), (= Cerataphis fransseni Hille Ris Lambers, = Cerataphis variabilis Hille Ris Lambers, = Cerataphis palmae Ghesquière). Not indigenous, pest.

Cerataphis lataniae (Boisduval). Not indigenous, pest.

Cerataphis orchidearum (Westwood), Fringed Orchid Aphid. Not indigenous, greenhouse pest.

Ceruraphis eriophori (Walker), Wayfaring Tree-Sedge Aphid. Not indigenous.

Ceruraphis viburnicola (Gillette).

Cervaphis rappardi Hille Ris Lambers. Not indigenous. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Chaetosiphon (Pentatrichopus) fragaefolii (Cockerell), Strawberry Aphid, (= Chaetosiphon fragaefolii). Cosmopolitan strawberry virus vector. Sometimes confused with Chaetosiphon thomasi.

Chaetosiphon (Pentatrichopus) hottesi Stroyan, (= Chaetosiphon hottesi).

Chaetosiphon (Pentatrichopus) jacobi Hille Ris Lambers (Chaetosiphon jacobi).

Chaetosiphon (Pentatrichopus) minus (Forbes), (= Chaetosiphon minus).

Chaetosiphon (Pentatrichopus) potentillae (Walker), (= Chaetosiphon potentillae), Silverweed Aphid. Not indigenous.

Chaetosiphon (Pentatrichopus) tetrarhodum (Walker), (= Chaetosiphon tetrarhodum), Hairy Rose Aphid. Not indigenous.

Chaetosiphon (Pentatrichopus) thomasi Hille Ris Lambers (= Chaetosiphon thomasi).

Chaitophorus crucis (Essig). Indigenous, but only observed once.

Chaitophorus eoessigi Hille Ris Lambers.

Chaitophorus euphraticus Hodjat.

Chaitophorus horii Takahashi Not indigenous. Foottit & Maw (1997).

Chaitophorus leucomelas Koch, (= Chaitophorus versicolor Koch), Black Poplar Leaf Aphid. Not indigenous.

Chaitophorus longipes Tissot.

Chaitophorus longiunguis Robinson.

Chaitophorus macgillivrayae Richards.

Chaitophorus macrostachyae (Essig).

Chaitophorus minutus (Tissot).

Chaitophorus monelli (Essig).

Chaitophorus neglectus Hottes & Frison.

Chaitophorus nigrae Oestlund, (= Chaitophorus salicicola Essig), Pale-streaked Willow Aphid.

Chaitophorus nigricentrus Richards, Dark-centred Willow Aphid.

Chaitophorus nodulosus Richards.

Chaitophorus nudus Richards, Poplar Stem Aphid.

Chaitophorus pallipes Richards, Black-and-Yellow Willow Aphid.

Chaitophorus populialbae (Boyer de Fonscolombe), Poplar Leaf Aphid. Not indigenous.

Chaitophorus populicola Thomas, American Poplar Leaf Aphid, Smokey Winged Poplar Aphid.

Chaitophorus populifolii Essig, (= Chaitophorus balsamiferinus Hille Ris Lambers; = Chaitophorus populellus Gillette & Palmer; = Chaitophorus essigi Gillette & Palmer).

Chaitophorus purpureae Lee & Seo.

Chaitophorus pusillus Hottes & Frison.

Chaitophorus pustulatus Hille Ris Lambers.

Chaitophorus saliciniger (Knowlton).

Chaitophorus stevensis Sanborn, Speckled Poplar Aphid

Chaitophorus utahensis (Knowlton).

Chaitophorus viminalis Monell, Small Black-and-Green Willow Aphid.

Chaitophorus viminicola Hille Ris Lambers, Dusky Long-haired Willow Aphid.

Chromaphis juglandicola (Kaltenbach), Small Walnut Aphid. Not indigenous, pest.

Cinara acadiana Hottes. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Cinara alacra Hottes & Essig. Indigenous, but only 2 records.

Cinara anelia Favret & Voegtlin.

Cinara anzai Hottes & Essig.

Cinara apini (Gillette & Palmer), Spotted Short-haired Limber Pine Aphid.

Cinara arizonica (Wilson).

Cinara atlantica (Wilson).

Cinara atra (Gillette & Palmer), (= Cinara poketa Hottes).

Cinara atripes Hottes. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Cinara azteca Hottes. Indigenous, but only observed once. Possibly were Cinara atlantica.

Cinara banksiana Pepper & Tissot, Jackpine Aphid.

Cinara bonica Hottes. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Cinara bonita Hottes. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Cinara braggii Gillette.

Cinara brevipilosa Voegtlin, Remaudiere & Pena Martinez.

Cinara brevispinosa (Gillette & Palmer).

Cinara burrilli (Wilson).

Cinara caliente Hottes.

Cinara californica Hottes & Essig. Not indigenous? May have been introduced from China.

Cinara canatra Hottes & Bradley.

Cinara caudelli (Wilson). Indigenous, but only known from one record.

Cinara cedri Mimeur, Large Cedar Aphid. Not indigenous.

Cinara chinookiana Hottes.

Cinara cognita Hottes & Essig.

Cinara coloradensis (Gillette), (= Cinara caliginosa Hottes).

Cinara commatula Hottes & Essig. Indigenous, but only 2 specimens.

Cinara confinis (Koch), (= Cinara abieticola Cholodkovsky), Black Stem Aphid. If not indigenous, it is probably not recently arrived.

Cinara contortae Hottes.

Cinara costata (Zetterstedt), Mealy Spruce Aphid. Not indigenous.

Cinara cronartii Tissot & Pepper.

Cinara (Cupressobium) cupressi (Buckton), (= Cinara cupressi), Cypress Aphid. Not indigenous.

Cinara curtihirsuta Hottes & Essig.

Cinara curvipes (Patch), Bow-legged Fir Aphid, Balsam Fir Aphid.

Cinara diabola Hottes. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Cinara dubia Hottes & Essig.

Cinara edulis (Wilson).

Cinara engelmanniensis Gillette & Palmer.

Cinara essigi Hottes.

Cinara ferrisi (Swain).

Cinara flexilis Gillette & Palmer.

Cinara fornacula Hottes, Green Spruce Aphid, Large Green Spruce Aphid.

Cinara (Cupressobium) fresai Blanchard, (= Cinara fresai), American Juniper Aphid, Large Juniper Aphid. Not indigenous.

Cinara gentneri Hottes.

Cinara glabra (Gillette & Palmer).

Cinara glacialis Hottes.

Cinara glehna (Essig).

Cinara gracilis (Wilson).

Cinara grande Hottes. Indigenous, but may have only been observed once.

Cinara harmonia Hottes.

Cinara hirsuta Hottes & Essig.

Cinara hottesi (Gillette & Palmer), Blue-black Spruce Aphid. Cinara alaskana Hottes, described from Picea sp. in Alaska, is probably a synonym

Cinara inscripta Hottes & Essig.

Cinara jucunda Hottes.

Cinara juniperensis (Gillette & Palmer).

Cinara (Cupressobium) juniperi De Geer, (= Cinara juniperi = Cinara sibiricae Gillette & Palmer), Juniper Aphid. Probably holarctic.

Cinara juniperivora (Wilson).

Cinara kiusa Hottes. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Cinara kuchea Hottes.

Cinara laricifex (Fitch), Black Larch Aphid.

Cinara laricifoliae (Wilson).

Cinara laricis (Hartig), Speckled Larch Aphid. Not indigenous.

Cinara (Cupressobium) louisianensis Boudreaux, (= Cinara louisianensis).

Cinara lyallii Bradley.

Cinara manitobensis Bradley.

Cinara mariana Bradley. Not found since original description. Body smaller, but otherwise very similar to Cinara glehna.

Cinara medispinosa (Gillette & Palmer).

Cinara melaina Boudreaux.

Cinara minuta Hottes & Knowlton.

Cinara moketa Hottes (?= Cinara hirticula Hottes).

Cinara montanensis (Wilson).

Cinara montanesa Hottes.

Cinara murrayanae (Gillette & Palmer).

Cinara nepticula Hottes.

Cinara newelli Tissot.

Cinara nigra (Wilson).

Cinara nigripes Bradley.

Cinara nigrita Hottes & Essig. Indigenous, but only 1 record.

Cinara nimbata Hottes.

Cinara obscura Bradley.

Cinara occidentalis (Davidson).

Cinara oregonensis (Wilson).

Cinara oregoni Hottes & Essig.

Cinara osborni Knowlton.

Cinara pacifica (Wilson).

Cinara parvicornis Hottes (= Cinara ontarioensis Bradley).

Cinara pergandei (Wilson), Globose Pine Aphid.

Cinara (Cupressobium) petersoni Bradley, (= Cinara petersoni).

Cinara piceicola (Cholodkovsky), Green-striped Spruce Aphid. North American records often misidentified as Cinara pilicornis.

Cinara pilicornis (Hartig), Spruce Shoot Aphid. Not indigenous.

Cinara pinea (Mordvilko), Pine Aphid, Large Pine Aphid. Not indigenous.

Cinara pini (Linnaeus), Scots Pine Aphid. Not indigenous, and records are doubtful.

Cinara pinicola (Kaltenbach). Not indigenous, records of this species appear to refer to Cinara pinea and Cinara pilicornis.

Cinara piniradicis Bradley.

Cinara pinivora (Wilson).

Cinara ponderosae (Williams).

Cinara pruinosa (Hartig), (= Cinara bogdanovi Mordvilko), Wax-bordered Spruce Aphid. Not indigenous.

Cinara pseudoschwartzii Palmer.

Cinara pseudotaxifoliae Palmer.

Cinara pseudotsugae Wilson.

Cinara puerca Hottes.

Cinara pulverulens Gillette & Palmer.

Cinara radicivora Voegtlin.

Cinara rara Bradley. Foottit & Maw (1997).

Cinara rigidae Hottes. Indigenous, but only 1 record, 3 specimens. Very similar to Cinara westi.

Cinara rubicunda (Wilson).

Cinara russellae Pepper & Tissot.

Cinara saccharinipini Hottes.

Cinara saskensis Bradley.

Cinara schuhi Hottes.

Cinara schwarzii (Wilson).

Cinara setulosa Hottes & Essig.

Cinara sitchensis Hottes.

Cinara solitaria (Gillette & Palmer).

Cinara sonata Hottes.

Cinara soplada Hottes.

Cinara spiculosa Bradley.

Cinara splendens (Gillette & Palmer).

Cinara strobi (Fitch), White Pine Aphid.

Cinara subterranea Bradley.

Cinara taedae Tissot.

Cinara tanneri (Knowlton).

Cinara terminalis (Gillette & Palmer).

Cinara thatcheri Knowlton & Smith.

Cinara tonaluca Hottes & Wehrle. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Cinara tsugae Bradley.

Cinara (Cupressobium) tujafilina (Del Guercio), (= Cinara tujafilina), Cypress Pine Aphid, Thuja Aphid. Not indigenous, cosmopolitan.

Cinara vagabunda Hottes & Essig.

Cinara vandykei (Wilson).

Cinara villosa Gillette & Palmer.

Cinara wahhaka Hottes.

Cinara wahluca Hottes.

Cinara wahtolca Hottes.

Cinara watsoni Tissot.

Cinara westi Tissot & Pepper.

Cinara yukona Hottes. Indigenous, but only 1 specimen. Very similar to Cinara glehna.

Cinara zoarcbursara Knowlton.

Clydesmithia canadensis Danielsson.

Colopha graminis (Monell), Elm-cutgrass cockscomb aphid (Elm cockscomb gall aphid).

Colopha ulmicola (Fitch), American Elm Cockscomb Aphid.

Colorodoa abrotani (Koch). Not indigenous.

Coloradoa absinthii (Lichtenstein). Not indigenous.

Coloradoa achilleae Hille Ris Lambers, Small Yarrow Aphid. Not indigenous.

Coloradoa angelicae (del Guercio), (= Coloradoa absinthiella Ossiannilsson). Not indigenous.

Colorodoa artemisiae (del Guercio). Not indigenous.

Coloradoa rufomaculata (Wilson). Not indigenous, minor pest.

Coloradoa tanacetina (Walker), Tansy Leaf-margin Aphid. Not indigenous.

Cornaphis populi Gillette.

Corylobium avellanae (Schrank), Hazelnut aphid, Large Hazel Aphid. Not indigenous, pest.

Cryptaphis bromi Robinson.

Cryptaphis poae (Hardy). Not indigenous.

Cryptomyzus galeopsidis (Kaltenbach), European Blackcurrant Aphid. Not indigenous.

Cryptomyzus ribis (Linnaeus), Redcurrant Aphid. Not indigenous, pest.

Ctenocallis setosa (Kaltenbach) (=Ctenocallis setosus), Broom Hedgehog Aphid. Not indigenous.

Ctenocallis zelkowae (Shinji). Not indigenous, was included by Foottit et al. (2006) in error.


Daktulosphaira vitifoliae (Fitch). Grape Phylloxera. Agricultural pest.

Decorosiphon corynothrix Börner. Not indigenous.

Delphiniobium canadense (Robinson).

Delphiniobium junackianum Karsch, Monkshood Aphid. Not indigenous. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Diphyllaphis microtrema Quednau.

Diuraphis (Holcaphis) frequens (Walker), (= Diuraphis frequens). Not indigenous, minor pest.

Diuraphis (Holcaphis) holci (Hille Ris Lambers) (=Diuraphis holci).

Diuraphis mexicana (McVicar Baker).

Diuraphis noxia (Mordvilko ex Kurdjumov), Russian Wheat Aphid. Not indigenous, introduced at least twice, major pest.

Diuraphis (Holcaphis) tritici (Gillette), (= Diuraphis tritici = Diuraphis (Holcaphis) agropyronophaga Zhang). Western Wheat Aphid.

Drepanaphis acerifoliae (Thomas), Painted Maple Aphid.

Drepanaphis carolinensis Smith.

Drepanaphis choanotricha Smith & Dillery.

Drepanaphis granovskyi Smith & Knowlton.

Drepanaphis idahoensis Smith & Dillery.

Drepanaphis kanzensis Smith.

Drepanaphis keshenae Granovsky.

Drepanaphis knowltoni Smith & Dillery.

Drepanaphis minutus Davis (= Shenahweum minutum). Listed by Maw et al. (2006) and Favret (2016) but not Blackman & Eastop (2016).

Drepanaphis monelli Davis.

Drepanaphis nigricans Smith.

Drepanaphis parva Smith.

Drepanaphis sabrinae Miller.

Drepanaphis saccharini Smith & Dillery.

Drepanaphis simpsoni Smith. Drepanaphis pallida Richards seems to be a pale form of Drepanaphis simpsoni.

Drepanaphis spicata Smith.

Drepanaphis tissoti Smith. Doubtfully distinct from Drepanaphis nigricans.

Drepanaphis utahensis Knowlton & Smith.

Drepanosiphum braggii Gillette.

Drepanosiphum oregonensis Granovsky. Not indigenous.

Drepanosiphum platanoidis (Schrank), Common Sycamore Aphid. Not indigenous.

Durocapillata utahensis Knowlton.

Dysaphis angelicae (Koch), Hawthorn-Angelica Aphid.

Dysaphis apiifolia ( Theobald), Hawthorn-Parsley Aphid, Rusty Banded Aphid. Not indigenous, polyphagous pest.

Dysaphis (Pomaphis) aucupariae (Buckton), (= Dysaphis aucupariae), Wild Service Tree Aphid.Not indigenous.

Dysaphis crataegi (Kaltenbach), Hawthorn-Umbellifer Aphid. Not indigenous, pest.

Dysaphis devecta (Walker), Rosy Leaf-curling Apple Aphid. Not indigenous.

Dysaphis foeniculus (Theobald). Not indigenous. Observed once.

Dysaphis lappae cynarae (Theobald). Not indigenous. 7 intercepts at US ports of entry.

Dysaphis (Pomaphis) plantaginea (Passerini), (= Dysaphis plantaginea), Rosy Apple Aphid. Not indigenous, pest.

Dysaphis (Pomaphis) pyri (Boyer de Fonscolombe), (= Dysaphis pyri), Pear-Bedstraw Aphid. Not indigenous.

Dysaphis radicola (Mordvilko), Apple-Dock Gall Aphid. Not indigenous.

Dysaphis (Pomaphis) sorbi (Kaltenbach) (= Dysaphis sorbi), Rowan Aphid. Not indigenous. Old records of this species are probably misidentifications of Dysaphis plantaginea.

Dysaphis tulipae (Boyer de Fonscolombe), Tulip Bulb Aphid. Not indigenous, pest.


Elatobium abietinum (Walker). Green Spruce Aphid. Not indigenous, forestry pest.

Eomacrosiphum nigromaculosum (MacDougall), (= Bipersona hottesi Knowlton & Smith).

Epameibaphis atricornis Gillette & Palmer.

Epameibaphis frigidae (Oestlund).

Epameibaphis utahensis Knowlton & Smith.

Ericaphis fimbriata (Richards).

Ericaphis gentneri (Mason).

Ericaphis harmstoni (Knowlton).

Ericaphis lilii (Mason). previously been confused with Ericaphis scopioli.

Ericaphis louisae Pike.

Ericaphis scammelli (Mason), Blueberry Aphid. Note Ericaphis scammelli pernettyae and Fimbriaphis fimbriata pernettyae may be synonyms (Favret, 2014)

Ericaphis scoliopi (Essig). Not a synonym for Ericaphis lilii.

Ericaphis voegtlini Barjadze, Jensen & Kanturski.

Ericaphis wakibae (Hottes), (= Placoaphis siphunculata Richards).

Eriosoma americanum (Riley), Woolly Elm Aphid.

Eriosoma crataegi (Oestlund), Woolly Hawthorn Aphid.

Eriosoma (Schizoneura) grossulariae (Schüle), (= Eriosoma grossulariae). Not indigenous, often confused with Eriosoma ulmi.

Eriosoma lanigerum (Hausmann), Woolly Apple Aphid.

Eriosoma mimicum Hottes & Frison.

Eriosoma (Mimaphidus) pyricola Baker & Davidson, (= Eriosoma pyricola). Not indigenous, often confused with Eriosoma lanuginosum.

Eriosoma rileyi Thomas.

Eriosoma (Schizoneura) sorbiradicis Danielsson (Eriosoma sorbiradicis).

Eriosoma (Schizoneura) ulmi (Linnaeus), (= Eriosoma ulmi). Not indigenous. Records prior to 2003 were probably Eriosoma grossulariae.

Essigella alyeska Sorenson.

Essigella braggi Hottes.

Essigella californica (Essig), Monterey Pine Needle Aphid.

Essigella critchfieldi Sorensen.

Essigella domenechi Théry, Kanturski & Favret.

Essigella eastopi Sorensen.

Essigella essigi Hottes.

Essigella fusca Gillette & Palmer.

Essigella gagnonae Théry, Kanturski & Favret.

Essigella hillerislambersi Sorensen.

Essigella hoerneri Gillette & Palmer.

Essigella kathleenae Sorenson.

Essigella kirki Sorenson.

Essigella knowltoni Hottes.

Essigella patchae Hottes.

Essigella pini (Wilson).

Essigella sorenseni Théry, Kanturski & Favret.

Essigella wilsoni Hottes.

Eucallipterus tiliae (Linnaeus), Linden Aphid, Common Lime Aphid. Not indigenous.

Eucarazzia elegans (Ferrari), Mint aphid. Not indigenous.

Euceraphis betulae Koch, Silver Birch Aphid. Not indigenous, pest.

Euceraphis borealis Blackman.

Euceraphis gillettei Davidson, American alder aphid.

Euceraphis lineata Baker.

Euceraphis mucida (Fitch).

Euceraphis papyrifericola Blackman, Paper Birch Aphid.

Euceraphis punctipennis (Zetterstedt), European Birch Aphid, Downy Birch Aphid. Not indigenous.

Euceraphis quednaui Blackman.

Eulachnus agilis (Kaltenbach), Spotted Green Pine Needle Aphid. Not indigenous.

Eulachnus brevipilosus Börner, Light Green Pine Needle Aphid. Not indigenous.

Eulachnus rileyi (Williams), Active Grey Pine Needle Aphid. Not indigenous, minor pest.

Euthoracaphis umbellulariae (Essig). Not indigenous.


Flabellomicrosiphum knowltoni Smith.

Flabellomicrosiphum tridentatae (Wilson).

Forda formicaria von Heyden, Grass Root Aphid. Not indigenous, may comprise several species.

Forda marginata Koch, Crusty Pistachio-Grass Root Aphid. Not indigenous.

Fullawaya bradleyi (Richards).

Fullawaya braggii (Gillete & Palmer).

Fullawaya bulbosa (Richards).

Fullawaya ontarioensis (Richards).

Fullawaya saliciradicis Essig.

Fullawaya terricola (Hottes & Frison).


Geioca lucifuga (Zehntner).

Geoica setulosa (Passerini), Hairy-tailed Pistachio-Grass Root Aphid. Not indigenous, minor pest.

Geoica utricularia (Passerini) spp. group, Short-haired Pistachio-Grassroot Aphid. Not indigenous. Probably several species.

Geopemphigus blackmani Muñoz Viveros & Remaudière.

Geopemphigus floccosus (Moreira). Not indigenous, minor pest.

Geopemphigus morral Muñoz Viveros & Remaudière.

Geopemphigus torsus Muñoz Viveros & Remaudière.

Georgiaphis gillettei Maxson & Hottes. Synonymised with Georgiaphis ulmi by Hottes & Frison (1931), but reinstated by Smith (1985).

Georgiaphis ulmi (Wilson) (= Georgia ulmi, Wilson = Eriosoma wilsoni Remaudière).

Gharesia polunini Stroyan.

Gibbomyzus pteridophytorum Nieto Nafría, Perez Hidalgo, Martínez-Torres & Villalobos Muller.

Glendenningia philadelphi MacGillvray.

Glyphina betulae (Linnaeus), Green Birch Thelaxid. Not indigenous, widespread.

Glyphina longiseta Richards.

Glyphina setosa MacGillivray.

Greenidea ficicola Takahashi. Not indigenous to Nearctic, mainly on ornamental Ficus spp.

Greenidea (Trichosiphum) psidii van der Goot, (= Greenidea psidii = Greenidea formosana Maki). Not indigenous, minor pest.

Grylloprociphilus imbricator (Fitch), (= Grylloprociphilus frosti Smith & Pepper), Beech Blight Aphid.

Gypsoaphis oestlundi Hottes.


Hamamelistes spinosus Shimer, Witch Hazel Spiney Gall Aphid.

Hannabura alnosa (Pepper), Orange-bordered alder aphid.

Hayhurstia atriplicis (Linnaeus), Chenopodium Aphid. Not indigenous.

Hoplochaitophorus dicksoni Quednau.

Hoplochaitophorus heterotrichus Quednau.

Hoplochaitophorus quercicola (Monell), Spiny oakleaf aphid.

Hoplochaitophorus spiniferus Quednau.

Hormaphis cornu (Shimer).

Hormaphis hamamelidis (Fitch), Witch Hazel Cone Gall Aphid.

Hyadaphis coriandri (Das), Coriander aphid. Not indigenous, major pest.

Hyadaphis foeniculi (Passerini), Fly Honeysuckle Aphid, Fennel Aphid. Not indigenous, minor pest.

Hyadaphis passerinii (del Guercio), Honeysuckle Aphid. Confused in literature with Hyadaphis foeniculi.

Hyadaphis tataricae (Aizenberg), American Honeysuckle Aphid. Not indigenous, major pest.

Hyalomyzus collinsoniae (Pepper).

Hyalomyzus eriobotryae (Tissot).

Hyalomyzus jussiaeae Smith.

Hyalomyzus mitchellensis Smith.

Hyalomyzus monardae (Davis) (= Phorodon scrophulariae Thomas).

Hyalomyzus orphnophlebos Stoetzel, Jensen & Miller.

Hyalomyzus pocosinus Stoetzel, Jensen & Miller.

Hyalomyzus raoi Hille Ris Lambers.

Hyalomyzus sensoriatus (Mason).

Hyalomyzus triangulatus Voegtlin.

Hyalopteroides humilis (Walker) (= Hyalopteroides pallida), Cocksfoot Aphid. Not indigenous.

Hyalopterus amygdali (Blanchard). Not indigenous, pest.

Hyalopterus arundiniformis Ghulamullah, (= Hyalopterus persikonus Miller, Lozier & Foottit). Not indigenous, and apparently not in North America.

Hyalopterus pruni (Geoffroy), Mealy Plum Aphid. Not indigenous, pest.

Hyperomyzus carduellinus (Theobald). Not indigenous.

Hyperomyzus (Neonasonovia) inflatus (Richards), (= Hyperomyzus inflatus).

Hyperomyzus lactucae (Linnaeus), Blackcurrant-Sowthistle aphid. Not indigenous, minor pest.

Hyperomyzus (Neonasonovia) nabali (Oestlund), (= Hyperomyzus nabali = Neonasonovia nabali).

Hyperomyzus (Neonasonovia) niger (McVicar Baker), (= Hyperomyzus niger).

Hyperomyzus (Neonasonovia) nigricornis (Knowlton), (= Hyperomyzus nigricornis).

Hyperomyzus pallidus Hille Ris Lambers, Gooseberry-Sowthistle Aphid. Not indigenous.

Hyperomyzus (Neonasonovia) petiolaris (Knowlton & Allen), (= Hyperomyzus petiolaris).

Hyperomyzus (Neonasonovia) picridis (Börner & Blunck), (= Hyperomyzus picridis), Oxtongue Aphid. Not indigenous.

Hyperomyzus (Neonasonovia) pullatus Hall & Garraway, (= Hyperomyzus pullatus).

Hyperomyzus (Hyperomyzella) rhinanthi (Schouteden), (= Hyperomyzus rhinanthi), Currant-Yellow Rattle Aphid, Northern Currant Aphid . May be indigenous.

Hyperomyzus (Neonasonovia) ribiellus (Davis), (= Hyperomyzus ribiellus).

Hyperomyzus (Neonasonovia) sandilandicus (Robinson), (= Hyperomyzus sandilandicus).

Hysteroneura setariae (Thomas), Rusty Plum Aphid.


Idiopterus nephrelepidis Davis, Black Fern Aphid. Not indigenous, pest.

Illinoia alni (Mason).

Illinoia andromedae (MacGillivray). Only known from apterae collected in Quebec.

Illinoia azaleae (Mason). Amphorophora rhododendronia (= Illinoia azaleae rhododendronia) is probably a synonym.

Illinoia borealis (Mason).

Illinoia brevitarsis (Gillette & Palmer).

Illinoia canadensis (MacGillivray).

Illinoia ceanothi (Bartholomew).

Illinoia corylina (Davidson).

Illinoia (Amphorinophora) crystleae (Smith & Knowlton), (= Illinoia crystleae).

Illinoia (Amphorinophora) crystleae bartholomewi (Essig).

Illinoia (Oestlundia) davidsoni (Mason), (= Illinoia davidsoni).

Illinoia finni (MacGillivray).

Illinoia goldmaryae (Knowlton).

Illinoia gracilicornis (MacGillivray).

Illinoia grindeliae (Williams).

Illinoia lambersi (MacGillivray), Rhododendron Aphid.

Illinoia liriodendri (Monell), Tuliptree Aphid.

Illinoia macgillivrayae (Hille Ris Lambers).

Illinoia (Masonaphis) magna (Hille Ris Lambers) (= Illinoia magna). Listed by Maw et al. (2006) and Favret (2016) but not Blackman & Eastop (2016).

Illinoia masoni (Knowlton).

Illinoia (Oestlundia) maxima (Mason), (= Illinoia maxima).

Illinoia (Masonaphis) menziesiae Robinson, (= Illinoia menziesiae).

Illinoia morrisoni (Swain), Sequoia Aphid.

Illinoia pallida (Mason).

Illinoia (Masonaphis) paqueti (MacGillivray), (= Illinoia paqueti).

Illinoia patriciae (Robinson).

Illinoia pepperi (MacGillivray).

Illinoia phacelia (Essig).

Illinoia (Masonaphis) pinawae (Robinson), (= Illinoia pinawae).

Illinoia (Masonaphis) rhododendri (Wilson), (= Illinoia rhododendri).

Illinoia (Masonaphis) rhokalaza (Tissot & Pepper), (= Illinoia rhokalaza).

Illinoia richardsi (MacGillivray).

Illinoia (Oestlundia) rubicola (Oestlund), (= Illinoia rubicola).

Illinoia simpsoni (MacGillivray).

Illinoia spiraeae (MacGillivray).

Illinoia spiraecola (Patch).

Illinoia subviride (MacDougall).

Illinoia thalictri (MacGillivray).

Illinoia wahnaga (Hottes).

Illinoia wilhelminae (Hille Ris Lambers). Indigenous, but only 1 record - a single aptera in Quebec, probably off-host.

Impatientinum americanum Remaudière.

Impatientinum holmani Peña-Martínez & Nieto Nafría.

Impatientinum oaxacense Nieto Nafría & Pérez Hiidalgo.

Iowana frisoni Hottes.

Iowana zhangi L. Zhang.

Iziphya albipes Richards.

Iziphya americana (Baker).

Iziphya eurymelaina Quednau.

Iziphya flabella (Sanborn) (= Iziphya umbella Richards).

Iziphya mackaueri Quednau.

Iziphya spenceri Richards.

Iziphya vittata Richards.


Jacksonia papillata Theobald, Olive-brown Grass Aphid. Not indigenous.


Kaltenbachiella ulmifusa (Walsh & Riley), Slippery Elm Gall Aphid, Elm Pouchgall Aphid.


Lachnochaitophorus obscurus (Tissot).

Lachnochaitophorus querceus Granovsky, (= Patchia winforii Miller).

Lachnus allegheniensis McCook, (= Lachnus montanus Wilson).

Lachnus roboris (Linnaeus), Variegated Oak Aphid. Not indigenous. 2 intercepts at US ports of entry.

Landisaphis davisi Knowlton & Ma.

Latgerina orizabaensis Remaudière.

Linosiphon sanguinarium (Hottes & Frison).

Liosomaphis berberidis (Kaltenbach), (= Liosomaphis turanica Narzikulov), Barberry Aphid. Not indigenous.

Lipaphis erysimi (Kaltenbach), Wild Crucifer Aphid, Turnip Aphid. Not indigenous, agricultural pest.

Lipamyzodes matthiolae Doncaster. Not indigenous.

Lipaphis pseudobrassicae (Davis), Turnip Aphid. Not indigenous, Palearctic, major pest. US records sometimes misidentified as Lipaphis erysimi.

Longicaudus trirhodus (Walker), Rose-Columbine Aphid. Not indigenous.

Longistigma caryae (Harris), Giant Bark Aphid, North American Hickory Aphid. Indigenous, polyphagous on trees.


Macrosiphoniella abrotani (Walker). Not indigenous.

Macrosiphoniella absinthii (Linnaeus). Not indigenous.

Macrosiphoniella (Phalangomyzus) antennata Holman & Szelegiewicz, (= Macrosiphoniella antennata).

Macrosiphoniella artemisiae (Boyer de Fonscolombe), Mugwort Aphid. Not indigenous.

Macrosiphoniella cinerascens Hille Ris Lambers.

Macrosiphoniella frigidicola Gillette & Palmer.

Macrosiphoniella glabra (Gillette & Palmer).

Macrosiphoniella (Phalangomyzus) grandicauda Takahashi & Moritsu, (= Macrosiphoniella grandicauda). Not indigenous.

Macrosiphoniella leucanthemi (Ferrari). Not indigenous.

Macrosiphoniella ludovicianae (Oestlund).

Macrosiphoniella millefolii (De Geer), Yarrow Aphid. Not indigenous.

Macrosiphoniella paucisetosa Robinson.

Macrosiphoniella (Phalangomyzus) pennsylvanica (Pepper), (= Macrosiphoniella pennsylvanica).

Macrosiphoniella sanborni (Gillette), Large Chrsanthemum Aphid. Not indigenous, cosmopolitan pest.

Macrosiphoniella subterranea (Koch), Masked Oxeye Aphid. Not indigenous.

Macrosiphoniella sunshine Jensen, Oregon sunshine aphid.

Macrosiphoniella tanacetaria (Kaltenbach), Tansy Aphid. Not indigenous, minor pest.

Macrosiphoniella tapuskae (Hottes & Frison), Large Green Yarrow Aphid.

Macrosiphoniella usquertensis Hille Ris Lambers, Masked Yarrow Aphid. Not indigenous, 1 alate recorded in Canada.

Macrosiphum adianti (Oestlund).

Macrosiphum aetheocornum Smith & Knowlton.

Macrosiphum agrimoniellum (Cockerell).

Macrosiphum albifrons Essig, Lupin Aphid.

Macrosiphum amelanchiericolens Patch. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Macrosiphum audeni Macdougall.

Macrosiphum badium Jensen.

Macrosiphum bisensoriatum Macdougall.

Macrosiphum californicum (Clarke).

Macrosiphum (Neocorylobium) carpinicolens Patch, (= Macrosiphum carpinicolens).

Macrosiphum chukotense Stekolshchikov & Khureva.

Macrosiphum claytoniae Jensen.

Macrosiphum clum Jensen.

Macrosiphum clydesmithi Robinson.

Macrosiphum (Macrosiphum) constrictum Patch. Known only from type specimens, Pribilof Islands, Alaska. Foottit & Maw (1997).

Macrosiphum corallorhizae Cockerell.

Macrosiphum cornifoliae (Shinji).

Macrosiphum corydalis (Oestlund). Often misidentified as Acyrthosiphon pisum.

Macrosiphum (Neocorylobium) coryli Davis, (= Macrosiphum coryli), American hazelnut aphid.

Macrosiphum creelii Davis.

Macrosiphum cyatheae (Holman).

Macrosiphum cystopteris Robinson.

Macrosiphum daphnidis Börner (=Macrosiphum daphinidis Skvarla et al.). Not indigenous.

Macrosiphum dewsler Jensen.

Macrosiphum dicentrae Jensen & Chan.

Macrosiphum diervillae Patch.

Macrosiphum echinocysti Bartholomew. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Macrosiphum equiseti (Holman).

Macrosiphum euphorbiae (Thomas), Potato Aphid. Indigenous, polyphagous. Almost world wide.

Macrosiphum euphorbiellum Theobald, (= Macrosiphum amygdaloides Theobald). Not-indigenous, 1 record.

Macrosiphum floridae (Ashmead).

Macrosiphum funestum (Macchiati), Blackberry Aphid.

Macrosiphum fuscicornis Macdougall. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Macrosiphum garyreed Jensen.

Macrosiphum gaurae (Williams).

Macrosiphum gei (Koch), Herb Bennet Aphid. Not indigenous. Most North American records are Macrosiphum euphorbiae.

Macrosiphum geranii (Oestlund).

Macrosiphum hamiltoni Robinson.

Macrosiphum hellebori Theobald & Walton, Hellebore Aphid. Not indigenous.

Macrosiphum holodisci Jensen.

Macrosiphum impatientis Williams.

Macrosiphum insularis (Pergande) (= Macrosiphum (Sitobion) insularis yagasogae)

Macrosiphum jasmini (Clarke). Indigenous, but only observed once.

Macrosiphum jeanae Robinson.

Macrosiphum lambi Robinson.

Macrosiphum lilii (Monell), Purple-spotted Lily Aphid. Not indigenous, pest.

Macrosiphum longirostratum Jensen & Holman.

Macrosiphum manitobense Robinson.

Macrosiphum melampyri Mordvilko.

Macrosiphum mentzeliae Wilson.

Macrosiphum mertensiae Gillette & Palmer.

Macrosiphum mesosphaeri Tissot.

Macrosiphum miho Jensen & Holman.

Macrosiphum occidentale (Essig).

Macrosiphum olmsteadi Robinson.

Macrosiphum opportunisticum Jensen.

Macrosiphum oregonense Jensen.

Macrosiphum orthocarpus Davidson.

Macrosiphum osmaroniae Wilson.

Macrosiphum pallens Hottes & Frison.

Macrosiphum pallidum (Oestlund). (= Macrosiphum pseudorosae Patch) Indigenous, polyphagous.

Macrosiphum parvifolii Richards.

Macrosiphum pechumani MacGillivray.

Macrosiphum potentillae (Oestlund).

Macrosiphum potentillicaulis Miller.

Macrosiphum (Neocorylobium) pseudocoryli Patch, (= Macrosiphum pseudocoryli).

Macrosiphum ptericolens Patch, Bracken Aphid.

Macrosiphum pteridis Wilson.

Macrosiphum pyrifoliae MacDougall.

Macrosiphum raysmithi Hille Ris Lambers.

Macrosiphum rebecae Jensen & Holman.

Macrosiphum rhamni (Clarke).

Macrosiphum rosae (Linnaeus), Rose Aphid. Not indigenous, pest.

Macrosiphum rudbeckiarum (Cockerell), (= Macrosiphum cockerelli Hottes).

Macrosiphum salviae Bartholomew.

Macrosiphum schimmelum Jensen.

Macrosiphum stanleyi Wilson.

Macrosiphum stellariae Theobald, (= Macrosiphum sileneum Theobald), Chickweed Aphid. Not indigenous, pest.

Macrosiphum tenuicauda Bartholomew.

Macrosiphum tiliae (Monell).

Macrosiphum timpanogos Knowlton.

Macrosiphum tolmiea (Essig).

Macrosiphum tonantzin Peña-Martínez, Muñoz-Viveros & Jensen.

Macrosiphum tuberculaceps (Essig).

Macrosiphum valerianae (Clarke), (= Macrosiphum kiowanepus (Hottes) - Macrosiphum subarcticum Robinson ).

Macrosiphum vancouveriae Jensen.

Macrosiphum (Neocorylobium) vandenboschi (Hille Ris Lambers), (= Macrosiphum vandenboschi).

Macrosiphum venaefuscae Davis.

Macrosiphum verbenae (Thomas).

Macrosiphum violae Jensen.

Macrosiphum walkeri Robinson.

Macrosiphum willamettense Jensen.

Macrosiphum wilsoni Jensen.

Macrosiphum woodsiae Robinson.

Macrosiphum zionense Knowlton.

Maculolachnus sijpkensi Hille Ris Lambers.

Maculolachnus submacula (Walker), Rose stem aphid. Not indigenous. 2 intercepts at US ports of entry.

Mastopoda pteridis Oestlund.

Megourina lagacei Hille Ris Lambers.

Melanaphis bambusae (Fullaway). Not indigenous.

Melanaphis donacis (Passerini), Giant Reed Aphid Not indigenous. Unconfirmed records in western USA (e.g. see iNaturalist).

Melanaphis sacchari (Zehntner), (= Melanaphis formosana Takahashi 1921, 1931 nec. Sorin, 1970), Sugarcane Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest. Sometimes misidentified as Melanaphis sorghi.

Melanaphis sorghi (Theobald). Not indigenous.

Melanaphis sorini Halbert & Remaudière, (= Melanaphis formosana Sorin 1970; not Takahashi 1921, 1931). Not indigenous, a pest.

Melanocallis caryaefoliae (Davis) (= Tinocallis caryaefoliae), black pecan aphid. Pest.

Melaphis asafitchi Foottit & Maw.

Melaphis rhois (Fitch), Sumac Gall Aphid.

Metopolophium arctogenicolens Richards.

Metopolophium (Metopolophium) caudatum (Pergande) (= Metopolophium caudatum). Listed by Maw et al. (2006) and Favret (2016) but not Blackman & Eastop (2016). =

Metopolophium dirhodum (Walker), Rose-Grain Aphid, Rose-Grass Aphid. Not indigenous? Major pest.

Metopolophium festucae ssp. cerealium Stroyan. Not indigenous, a pest.

Metopolophium frisicum Hille Ris Lambers.

Metopolophium palmerae (Hille Ris Lambers).

Metopolophium (Metopolophium) pedicularis (Richards) (= Metopolophium pedicularis).

Mexicallis analiliae Remaudière.

Mexicallis (Anacallis) areolatus Remaudière, (= Mexicallis areolatus).

Mexicallis (Anacallis) brevituberculatus Quednau & Remaudière, (= Mexicallis brevituberculatus). Indigenous to Mexico, but only 1 specimen.

Mexicallis calvus Remaudière.

Mexicallis longicaudus Remaudière.

Mexicallis spinifer Remaudière.

Microlophium carnosum (Buckton). Not indigenous.

Microlophium sibiricum (Mordvilko). Not indigenous.

Microparsus (Picturaphis) brasiliensis (Moreira), (= Microparsus brasiliensis).

Microparsus desmodiorum Smith & Tuatay.

Microparsus rhynchosiae Remaudière & Peña Martinez.

Microparsus singularis (Hottes & Frison).

Microparsus tephrosiae (Smith).

Microparsus variabilis Patch.

Microparsus (Picturaphis) vignaphilus (Blanchard), (= Microparsus vignaphilus).

Microsiphoniella acophorum (Smith & Knowlton).

Microsiphoniella artemisiae (Gillette).

Microsiphoniella canadensis (Williams).

Microsiphoniella oregonensis (Wilson).

Mindarus abietinus Koch, Balsam Twig Aphid. Not indigenous, and not present in North America. Records from spruce almost all Mindarus obliquus.

Mindarus kinseyi Voegtlin.

Mindarus obliquus (Cholodkovsky).

Mindarus pinicola (Thomas) Balsam, Twig Aphid.

Mindarus remaudierei Voegtlin.

Mindarus victoria Essig.

Misturaphis shiloensis Robinson.

Monaphis antennata (Kaltenbach). Not indigenous.

Monellia caryella (Fitch), Blackmargined Pecan Aphid.

Monellia hispida Quednau.

Monellia medina Bissell.

Monellia microsetosa Richards.

Monelliopsis bisetosa Richards.

Monelliopsis bisselli Quednau.

Monelliopsis californica (Essig).

Monelliopsis caryae (Monell), American walnut aphid.

Monelliopsis nigropunctata (Granovsky).

Monelliopsis pallida Quednau.

Monelliopsis pecanis Bissell, Yellow Pecan Aphid.

Monelliopsis pleurialis Richards.

Monelliopsis quadrimaculata Quednau.

Monelliopsis tuberculata Richards.

Mordwilkoja vagabunda (Walsh), Poplar Vagabond Aphid.

Muscaphis canadensis (Hille Ris Lambers).

Muscaphis escherichi (Börner).

Muscaphis mexicana Remaudière & Muñoz Viveros.

Muscaphis musci Börner. Not indigenous.

Muscaphis smithi (Hille Ris Lambers).

Muscaphis stroyani (Smith).

Muscaphis utahensis (Smith & Knowlton).

Myzaphis bucktoni Jacob, Brown-lined Rose Aphid. Not indigenous.

Myzaphis rosarum (Kaltenbach), Lesser Rose Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.

Myzocallis (Californicallis) agrifolicola Richards, (= Myzocallis agrifolicola).

Myzocallis (Neomyzocallis) asclepiadis (Monell), (= Myzocallis asclepiadis).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) atropunctata Quednau, (= Myzocallis atropunctata).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) bella (Walsh) (=Myzocallis bella).

Myzocallis boerneri Stroyan, Turkey Oak Aphid. Not indigenous.

Myzocallis carpini Koch, Hornbeam Aphid. Not indigenous.

Myzocallis (Castaneomyzocallis) castaneae (Fitch), (= Myzocallis castaneae).

Myzocallis (Castaneomyzocallis) castaneoides (Baker), (= Myzocallis castaneoides).

Myzocallis (Agrioaphis) castanicola Baker (= Myzocallis castanicola), Sweet Chestnut Aphid . Not indigenous, a pest.

Myzocallis coryli (Goetze), Hazel Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.

Myzocallis (Neomyzocallis) discolor (Monell), (= Myzocallis discolor).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) durangoensis Remaudière & Quednau, (= Myzocallis durangoensis).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) elliotti Boudreaux & Tissot, (= Myzocallis elliotti).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) ephemerata Richards, (= Myzocallis ephemerata).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) exultans Boudreaux & Tissot, (= Myzocallis exultans).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) frisoni Boudreaux & Tissot, (= Myzocallis frisoni).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) granovskyi Boudreaux & Tissot, (= Myzocallis granovskyi).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) longirostris Richards, (= Myzocallis longirostris).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) longiunguis Boudreaux & Tissot, (= Myzocallis longiunguis).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) melanocera Boudreaux & Tissot, (= Myzocallis melanocera).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) meridionalis Granovsky, (= Myzocallis meridionalis).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) multisetis Boudreaux & Tissot (= Myzocallis multisetis).

Myzocallis (Castaneomyzocallis) nanae (Tissot), (= Myzocallis nanae).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) neoborealis Quednau, (= Myzocallis neoborealis).

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) pepperi Boudreaux & Tissot, (= Myzocallis pepperi).

Myzocallis (Neomyzocallis) pseudodiscolor Quednau, (= Myzocallis pseudodiscolor).

Myzocallis (Neomyzocallis) punctata (Monell), (= Myzocallis punctata). Native to eastern North America and introduced into western states.

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) spinosa Boudreaux & Tissot, (= Myzocallis spinosa).

Myzocallis (Paramyzocallis) tenochca Remaudière & Quednau, (= Myzocallis tenochca).

Myzocallis (Castaneomyzocallis) tissoti Quednau & Remaudière, (= Myzocallis tissoti).

Myzocallis (Neomyzocallis) tuberculata Richards, (= Myzocallis tuberculata), tuberculate oak aphid.

Myzocallis (Lineomyzocallis) walshii (Monell) (= Myzocallis walshii = Myzocallis occulta Richards), black-bordered oak aphid. Indigenous to eastern North America and introduced to the west coast.

Myzodium mimulicola (Drews & Sampson) (= Myzodium knowltoni Smith & Robinson).

Myzodium modestum (Hottes).

Myzus (Nectarosiphon) antirrhinii (Macchiati), (= Myzus antirrhinii). Not indigenous, polyphagous.

Myzus (Sciamyzus) ascalonicus Doncaster, Shallot Aphid, (= Myzus ascalonicus), Shallot Aphid. Not indigenous, polyphagous pest.

Myzus biennis Sanborn.

Myzus cerasi (Fabricius), Cherry Blackfly, Black Cherry Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.

Myzus (Nectarosiphon) certus (Walker), (= Myzus certus), Pinks Aphid Not indigenous, minor pest.

Myzus (Sciamyzus) cymbalariae Stroyan, (= Myzus cymbalariae), Cymbalaria Aphid. Origin unknown, polyphagous, may be established in US.

Myzus (Nectarosiphon) dianthicola Hille Ris Lambers, (= Myzus dianthicola).

Myzus fataunae Shinji. Not indigenous.

Myzus godetiae Shinji. Indigenous, but only observed once. Possibly Myzus hemerocallis or Abstrusomyzus valuliae.

Myzus hemerocallis Takahashi, Day Lily Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.

Myzus ligustri (Mosley), Privet Aphid. Not indigenous, occasionally severe pest.

Myzus (Nectarosiphon) linariae Holman, (= Myzus linariae).

Myzus lythri (Schrank), Purple Loosestrife Aphid. Not indigenous.

Myzus (Nectarosiphon) myosotidis Börner, (= Myzus myosotidis).

Myzus oenotherae Williams.

Myzus ornatus Laing, Ornate Aphid, Violet Aphid. Not indigenous, polyphagous pest.

Myzus (Nectarosiphon) persicae (Sulzer), Peach-Potato Aphid, Green Peach Aphid, (= Myzus persicae). Not indigenous, polyphagous major pest.

Myzus (Nectarosiphon) persicae nicotianae Blackman (= Myzus nicotianae). Not indigenous. Tobacco pest.

Myzus (Nectarosiphon) polaris Hille Ris Lambers, (= Myzus polaris).

Myzus varians Davidson, Peach-Clematis Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.


Nasonovia (Kakimia) alpina (Gillette & Palmer), (= Nasonovia alpina).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) aquilegiae (Essig), (= Nasonovia aquilegiae = Kakimia essigi).

Nasonovia (Ranakimia) acyrthosiphon (Richards) (= Nasonovia acyrthosiphon). Listed by Maw et al. (2006) and Favret (2016) but not Blackman & Eastop (2016).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) arizonensis Heie, (= Nasonovia arizonensis).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) borealis Heie, (= Nasonovia borealis).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) carolinensis Heie, (= Nasonovia carolinensis).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) castelleiae (Sampson) (= Nasonovia castelleiae).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) collomiae Palmer, (= Nasonovia collomiae).

Nasonovia compositellae (Theobald), Black-backed Daisy Aphid. Not-indigenous, records unsubstantiated.

Nasonovia (Capitosiphon) crenicorna Smith and Knowlton, (= Nasonovia crenicorna).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) cynosbati (Oestlund), (= Nasonovia cynosbati).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) davidsoni Heie, (= Nasonovia davidsoni).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) grossa Heie, (= Nasonovia grossa).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) heucherae (Thomas), (= Nasonovia heucherae).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) houghtonensis (Troop), (= Nasonovia houghtonensis).

Nasonovia houghtonensis similis Heie.

Nasonovia (Kakimia) muesebecki Knowlton & Allen, (= Nasonovia muesebecki).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) polemonii (Gillette and Palmer), (= Nasonovia polemonii).

Nasonovia (Ranakimia) purpurascens (Oestlund), (= Nasonovia purpurascens).

Nasonovia (Ranakimia) ranunculi Heie, (= Nasonovia ranunculi).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) ribifolii (Davidson), (= Nasonovia ribifolii).

Nasonovia ribisnigri (Mosley), Currant-Lettuce Aphid. Not indigenous, major pest.

Nasonovia (Kakimia) sampsoni Heie, (= Nasonovia sampsoni).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) saxifragae (Doncaster & Stroyan) (=Nasonovia saxifragae).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) smithi Heie, (= Nasonovia smithi).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) stroyani Heie, (= Nasonovia stroyani).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) takala (Hottes), (= Nasonovia takala).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) tiarellae Heie, (= Nasonovia tiarellae).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) vannesii Stenseth, (= Nasonovia vannesii).

Nasonovia (Kakimia) vockerothi (Richards), (= Nasonovia vockerothi).

Nasonovia (Aconitaphis) wahinkae (Hottes), (= Nasonovia wahinkae). From Colorado to Wyoming.

Nasonovia (Eokakimia) wahinkae robinsoni Richards. From Alaska, Yukon, Alberta to Manitoba. Foottit & Maw (1997).

Nasonovia williamsi (Smith and Parron).

Nearctaphis argentinaeradicis Gillette & Palmer.

Nearctaphis bakeri (Cowen), Clover Aphid. Agricultural pest.

Nearctaphis californica Hille Ris Lambers.

Nearctaphis clydesmithi Hille Ris Lambers.

Nearctaphis crataegifoliae (Fitch).

Nearctaphis crataegifoliae occidentalis (Hille Ris Lambers).

Nearctaphis hottesi Hille Ris Lambers.

Nearctaphis kachena (Hottes).

Nearctaphis nigrescens Hille Ris Lambers.

Nearctaphis sclerosa (Richards).

Nearctaphis (Amelanchieria) sensoriata (Gillette & Bragg), (= Nearctaphis sensoriata).

Nearctaphis yohoensis Bradley.

Nearctaphis zabapsis (Richards).

Neoamphorophora kalmiae Mason.

Neomyzus circumflexus (Buckton), (= Aulacorthum circumflexum (Buckton)), Crescent-marked Lily Aphid, Mottled Arum Aphid, Foxglove Aphid. Not indigenous, polyphagous pest, especially of indoor plants.

Neophyllaphis araucariae Takahashi. Not indigenous, a pest.

Neophyllaphis podocarpi Takahashi, Podocarpus Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.

Neophyllaphis varicolor Miller & Halbert.

Neoprociphilus aceris (Monell), Woolly Maple Aphid.

Neosymydobius acutipilosus Quednau.

Neosymydobius agrifoliae (Essig).

Neosymydobius ajuscanus Remaudière.

Neosymydobius albasiphus (Davis).

Neosymydobius butzei Remaudière.

Neosymydobius chrysolepis Swain.

Neosymydobius luteus Tissot.

Neosymydobius memorialis Hottes & Frison.

Neosymydobius mimicus Hottes.

Neosymydobius neomexicanus Quednau.

Neosymydobius paucisetosus Quednau.

Neosymydobius peregrinus Quednau.

Neosymydobius quercihabitus Miller.

Neosymydobius rumorosensis Quednau.

Neotoxoptera formosana (Takahashi), Onion Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.

Neotoxoptera oliveri (Essig). Not indigenous, a pest.

Neotoxoptera violae (Pergande).

Nevadaphis sampsoni Drews.


Obtusicauda anomella (Knowlton & Allen).

Obtusicauda artemisiphila (Knowlton & Allen).

Obtusicauda coweni (Hunter).

Obtusicauda filifoliae (Gillette & Palmer).

Obtusicauda frigidae (Oestlund).

Oestlundiella flava (Davidson).

Ovatomyzus boraginacearum Eastop, Alkanet Aphid.Not indigenous?

Ovatus crataegarius (Walker), Hawthorn-Mint Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.

Ovatus mentharius (van der Goot). Not indigenous?


Pachypappa pseudobyrsa (Walsh) Poplar leaf-purse aphid.

Pachypappa rosettei (Maxson).

Pachypappa sacculi (Gillette).

Pachypappa tremulae (Linnaeus), Aspen-Spruce Aphid. Reports in North America on roots of Picea probably due to confusion with Pachypappa rosettei.

Paducia antennata (Patch).

Paducia aterrima Hille Ris Lambers.

Panaphis juglandis (Goetze), Large Walnut Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.

Paoliella (Lizerocallis) laxutuberculata Quednau, (= Paoliella laxutuberculata).

Papulaphis sleesmani (Pepper).

Paracolopha morrisoni (Baker), Zelkova Gall-Bamboo Root Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.

Patchia virginiana Baker.

Patchiella kolokasia (Qiao & Zhang, 1999). Not indigenous. One unpublished record.

Peltaphis hottesi Frison & Ross.

Pemphigus betae Doane, (= Pemphigus balsamiferae Williams), Sugarbeet Root Aphid. Agricultural pest.

Pemphigus borealis Tullgren.

Pemphigus brevicornis (Hart).

Pemphigus bursarius (Linnaeus), Poplar-Lettuce Aphid, Lettuce Root Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.

Pemphigus fuscicornis (Koch).

Pemphigus groenlandicus (Rübsamen).

Pemphigus immunis Buckton, (= Pemphigus lichtensteini Tullgren).

Pemphigus knowltoni Stroyan.

Pemphigus longicornus Maxson.

Pemphigus monophagus Maxson.

Pemphigus nortonii Maxson.

Pemphigus obesinymphae Aoki & Moran.

Pemphigus (Pemphiginus) populi Courchet. Not indigenous. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Pemphigus populicaulis Fitch.

Pemphigus populiglobuli Fitch.

Pemphigus populiramulorum Riley.

Pemphigus populitransversus Riley, Poplar petiole gall aphid, Cabbage root aphid.

Pemphigus populivenae Fitch.

Pemphigus saliciradicis (Börner).

Pemphigus spyrothecae Passerini, Poplar Spiral Gall Aphid Not indigenous.

Pemphigus tartareus Hottes & Frison, (= Pemphigus junctisensoriatus Maxson).

Pentalonia caladii van der Goot. Not indigenous. Often thought to be a synonym of Pentalonia nigronervosa, but a different species.

Pentalonia nigronervosa Coquerel, Banana Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.

Pentamyzus graminis Hille Ris Lambers.

Periphyllus aceris (Linnaeus). All North American specimens are interceptions.

Periphyllus americanus Baker.

Periphyllus brevispinosus Gillette & Palmer.

Periphyllus californiensis, Californian Maple Aphid Not indigenous - despite its name.

Periphyllus lyropictus (Kessler), Norway Maple Aphid. Not indigenous.

Periphyllus negundinis (Thomas), Boxelder Aphid.

Periphyllus testudinaceus (Ferni), Common Maple Aphid, Common Periphyllus Aphid Not indigenous.

Phloeomyzus passerinii Signoret. Not indigenous, only 1 record.

Phorodon (Diphorodon) cannabis Passerini (= Phorodon cannabis), Cannabis Aphid. widespread.

Phorodon humuli (Schrank), Damson-Hop Aphid, Hop Aphid Not indigenous, widespread pest.

Phyllaphis fagi (Linnaeus), Woolly Beech Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.

Phyllaphis grandifoliae Richards.

Phyllaphis nigra Ashmead. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Phylloxera caryaeavellana Riley.

Phylloxera caryaecaulis (Fitch).

Phylloxera caryaefallax Riley.

Phylloxera caryaefoliae Fitch.

Phylloxera caryaeglobuli Walsh.

Phylloxera caryaegummosa Riley.

Phylloxera caryaeren Riley.

Phylloxera caryaescissa Riley.

Phylloxera caryaesemen Walsh.

Phylloxera caryaesepta (Shimer).

Phylloxera caryaevenae Fitch.

Phylloxera castaneae (Haldeman).

Phylloxera conica (Shimer).

Phylloxera corticalis Kalthenbach. Not indiginous, barely distinct from North American species such as Phylloxera davidsoni, Phylloxera querceti. May have been introduced to Europe (thence New Zealand) but lost its primary host.

Phylloxera davidsoni Duncan.

Phylloxera deplanata Pergande.

Phylloxera depressa (Shimer).

Phylloxera devastatrix Pergande.

Phylloxera foveata (Shimer).

Phylloxera foveola Pergande.

Phylloxera georgiana Pergande.

Phylloxera glabra (von Heyden). Not indigenous. Listed by Maw et al. (2006) but not Footit et al. (2006) or Skvarla et al. (2017).

Phylloxera globosa (Shimer).

Phylloxera intermedia Pergande.

Phylloxera minima (Shimer).

Phylloxera notabilis Pergande.

Phylloxera perniciosa Pergande.

Phylloxera picta Pergande.

Phylloxera pilosula Pergande.

Phylloxera querceti Pergande.

Phylloxera reticulata Duncan. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Phylloxera rileyi Riley.

Phylloxera rimosalis Pergande.

Phylloxera russellae Stoetzel.

Phylloxera similans Duncan. Indigenous, but only observed once.

Phylloxera spinuloides Pergande.

Phylloxera stanfordiana Ferris.

Phylloxera stellata Duncan.

Phylloxera symmetrica Pergande.

Phylloxera texana Stoetzel.

Phylloxera tuberculifera Duncan.

Phylloxerina nyssae (Pergande).

Phylloxerina popularia (Pergande).

Phylloxerina prolifera (Oestlund). Indigenous, but only observed once. Probably = Phylloxerina popularia.

Phylloxerina salicola (Pergande). Not indigenous? May be derived from introduced Phylloxerina salicis.

Phylloxerina salicis (Lichtenstein). Not indigenous?

Pineus abietinus Underwood & Balch.

Pineus boerneri Annand. Described in 1928 from Pinus radiata in California but possibly of east Asian origin.

Pineus boycei Annand.

Pineus cembrae (Cholodkovsky) (= Pineus sibiricus). Not indigenous, forestry pest, but a 'doubtful' identification from British Columbia by Annand, 1928.

Pineus coloradensis (Gillette).

Pineus engelmannii Annand. Alate specimens described by Annand under the name Pineus engelmanni are Pineus boycei sexuparae.

Pineus floccus (Patch). Red Spruce Adelgid

Pineus pineoides (Cholodkovsky).

Pineus pinifoliae (Fitch). Pine Leaf Adelgid. Forestry pest.

Pineus similis (Gillette). Ragged Spruce Gall Adelgid Forestry pest.

Pineus strobi (Hartig), Pine Bark Adelgid.

Pineus sylvestris Annand.

Pleotrichophorus ambrosiae Hille Ris Lambers.

Pleotrichophorus amsinckii Richards.

Pleotrichophorus antennarius Corpuz-Raros & Cook.

Pleotrichophorus artemisicola (Williams).

Pleotrichophorus asterifoliae (Strom).

Pleotrichophorus brevinectarius (Gillette & Palmer).

Pleotrichophorus chrysanthemi (Theobald).

Pleotrichophorus decampus (Knowlton & Smith).

Pleotrichophorus diutius Corpuz-Raros & Cook.

Pleotrichophorus elongatus (Knowlton).

Pleotrichophorus filifoliae (Palmer).

Pleotrichophorus glandulosus (Kaltenbach), Bristly Mugwort Aphid. Not indigenous.

Pleotrichophorus gnaphalodes (Palmer).

Pleotrichophorus gregarius (Knowlton).

Pleotrichophorus heterohirsutus (Gillette & Palmer).

Pleotrichophorus hottesi Hille Ris Lambers.

Pleotrichophorus infrequenus (Knowlton & Smith).

Pleotrichophorus knowltoni Corpuz-Raros & Cook.

Pleotrichophorus lagacei Hille Ris Lambers.

Pleotrichophorus longinectarius (Gillette & Palmer).

Pleotrichophorus longipes (Gillette & Palmer).

Pleotrichophorus longirostris Hille Ris Lambers.

Pleotrichophorus magnautensus (Knowlton & Smith).

Pleotrichophorus obscuratus Hille Ris Lambers.

Pleotrichophorus oestlundi (Knowlton).

Pleotrichophorus ohioensis Smith.

Pleotrichophorus packi (Knowlton).

Pleotrichophorus parilis Corpuz-Raros & Cook.

Pleotrichophorus patonkus (Hottes & Frison).

Pleotrichophorus patonkusellus Corpuz-Raros & Cook.

Pleotrichophorus pseudoglandulosus (Palmer). Pleotrichophorus intermedius described from Artemisia frigida is very similar and possibly a local variant. Records from native Artemisia in western USA are probably misidentified as Pleotrichophorus glandulosus. Records from Artemisia tridentata are probably Pleotrichophorus decampus.

Pleotrichophorus pseudopatonkus Corpuz-Raros & Cook.

Pleotrichophorus pullus (Gillette & Palmer), (= Pleotrichophorus rusticatus (Knowlton & Smith) ).

Pleotrichophorus pycnorhysus (Knowlton & Smith).

Pleotrichophorus quadritrichus (Knowlton & Smith).

Pleotrichophorus spatulavillus (Knowlton & Smith).

Pleotrichophorus sporadicus (Knowlton).

Pleotrichophorus stroudi (Knowlton).

Pleotrichophorus tetradymiae Smith & Knowlton.

Pleotrichophorus triangulatus Corpuz-Raros & Cook.

Pleotrichophorus utensis (Pack & Knowlton), (= Capitophorus acanthovillus Knowlton & Smith).

Pleotrichophorus villosae Robinson.

Pleotrichophorus wasatchii (Knowlton).

Pleotrichophorus xerozoous (Knowlton & Smith).

Pleotrichophorus zoomontanus (Knowlton & Smith).

Plocamaphis amerinae (Hartig).

Plocamaphis flocculosa (Weed), Large Waxy Willow Aphid.

Plocamaphis martini Richards (= Fullawaya martini).

Prociphilus americanus (Walker).

Prociphilus carolinensis Smith.

Prociphilus caryae ssp. arbutifoliae Smith, 1969.

Prociphilus caryae caryae (Fitch), (= Prociphilus alnifoliae Williams).

Prociphilus caryae ssp. fitchii Baker & Davidson.

Prociphilus (Neoparacletus) corrugatans (Sirrine) (=Prociphilus corrugatans).

Prociphilus (Stagona) crataegistrobi Smith, (= Prociphilus crataegistrobi).

Prociphilus erigeronensis (Thomas). Indigenous, polyphagous.

Prociphilus (Meliarhizophagus) fraxinifolii (Riley), (= Prociphilus fraxinifolii).

Prociphilus longianus Smith.

Prociphilus (Paraprociphilus) mexicanus Remaudière & Munoz Viveros, (= Prociphilus mexicanus). Indigenous to Mexico. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Prociphilus oleae Leach ex Risso. Not indigenous. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Prociphilus pergandei Smith.

Prociphilus (Stagona) piceaerubensis Smith, (= Prociphilus piceaerubensis).

Prociphilus (Stagona) pini (Burmeister), (= Prociphilus pini).

Prociphilus piniradicivorus Smith.

Prociphilus (Pulvius) probosceus (Sanborn), (= Prociphilus probosceus).

Prociphilus (Paraprociphilus) tessellatus (Fitch), (= Prociphilus tessellatus), Woolly alder aphid.

Prociphilus (Stagona) xylostei (De Geer) (= Prociphilus xylostei). Not indigenous.

Protaphis anuraphoides (Nevsky). Not indigenous. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Protaphis debilicornis (Gillette & Palmer).

Protaphis echinaceae (Lagos & Voegtlin).

Protaphis knowltoni (Hottes & Frison) (= Aphis knowltoni).

Protaphis middletonii (Thomas), (= Aphis middletonii Thomas, = Aphis armoraciae Cowen, = Aphis maidiradicis Forbes, = Aphis menthaeradicis Cowen). Indigenous, polyphagous.

Protaphis tetradymia Knowlton.

Protopterocallis fumipennella (Fitch), (= Protopterocallis canadensis Richards =Protopterocallis punctatus in Maw et al., 2006).

Protopterocallis gigantea Bissell.

Protopterocallis pergandei Bissell.

Protopterocallis quadrata Bissell.

Pseudacaudella rubida Börner. Not indigenous.

Pseudasiphonaphis corni (Tissot).

Pseudocercidis rosae Richards.

Pseudocercidis tutigulus (Hottes).

Pseudoepameibaphis essigi Knowlton & Smith.

Pseudoepameibaphis glauca Gillette & Palmer.

Pseudoepameibaphis tridentatae (Wilson).

Pseudoepameibaphis xenotrichis Knowlton & Smith.

Pseudomegoura magnoliae (Essig & Kuwana). Not-indigenous, polyphagous.

Pseudoregma panicola (Takahashi). Not indigenous.

Pseudopterocomma canadensis Richards.

Pseudopteocomma hughi (MacGillivray).

Pterocallis alni (De Geer)., Alder Aphid Not indigenous.

Pterocallis alnifoliae (Fitch).

Pterocallis essigi Quednau.

Pterocallis rhombifoliae (Granovsky).

Pterocomma beulahense (Cockerell).

Pterocomma bicolor (Oestlund), Reddish Brown Willow Bark Aphid.

Pterocomma groenlandicum Hille Ris Lambers.

Pterocomma medium Baker. Listed by Maw et al. (2006) and Favret (2016) but not Blackman & Eastop (2016).

Pterocomma pilosum Buckton, Hairy Willow Bark Aphid. Not indigenous.

Pterocomma populeum (Kaltenbach), Poplar Bark Aphid. Not indigenous.

Pterocomma populifoliae (Fitch).

Pterocomma pseudopopuleum Palmer.

Pterocomma rufipes (Hartig), (= steinheili Mordvilko), Rufous Willow Bark Aphid.

Pterocomma salicis (Linnaeus), Black Willow Bark Aphid. Not indigenous, widespread in North America.

Pterocomma sanguiceps Richards.

Pterocomma smithiae (Monell), Black Willow Aphid.


Quadrartus agrifoliae (Ferris), (= Atarsaphis agrifoliae (Ferris)). Not indigenous.


Rhodobium porosum (Sanderson).

Rhopalomyzus grabhami (Cockerell).

Rhopalomyzus (Judenkoa) lonicerae (Siebold), (= Rhopalomyzus lonicerae = Carolinaia (Glabromyzus) quednaui), Honeysuckle-Grass Aphid. Not indigenous, minor pest.

Rhopalomyzus poae (Gillette).

Rhopalosiphoninus latysiphon (Davidson), Bulb-and-Potato Aphid. Not indigenous, minor pest.

Rhopalosiphoninus hydrangeae (Matsumura). Not indigenous.

Rhopalosiphoninus solani (Thomas).

Rhopalosiphoninus staphyleae (Koch). Not indigenous, minor pest almost cosmopolitan, widespread in North America.

Rhopalosiphoninus staphyleae ssp. tulipaellus Theobald, the Mangold aphid. possibly introduced.

Rhopalosiphum arundinariae (Tissot).

Rhopalosiphum cerasifoliae (Fitch).

Rhopalosiphum enigmae Hottes & Frison, Aamerican cattail aphid (= Rhopalosiphum laconae Taber).

Rhopalosiphum maidis (Fitch), Corn Leaf Aphid. Not indigenous, Palearctic, serious pest.

Rhopalosiphum musae (Schouteden).

Rhopalosiphum nigrum Richards.

Rhopalosiphum nymphaeae (Linnaeus), Water Lily Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest.

Rhopalosiphum oxyacanthae (Schrank), (= Rhopalosiphum insertum Walker), Apple-Grass Aphid, Apple-Grain Aphid. Agriculturaal pest.

Rhopalosiphum padi (Linnaeus), Bird Cherry-Oat Aphid. Indigenous, polyphagous, virtually cosmopolitan.

Rhopalosiphum padiformis Richards.

Rhopalosiphum parvae Hottes & Frison.

Rhopalosiphum rufiabdominale (Sasaki), Rice Root Aphid. Not indigenous, a pest, in glasshouses etc.

Rhopalosiphum rufulum Richards.

Rhopalosiphum sanguinarium McVicar Baker.

Richardsaphis canadensis (Richards) (= Myzaphis canadensis).


Saltusaphis scirpus Theobald. Not indigenous, only 1 record in USA.

Sanbornia juniperi Pergande ex Baker, Humpback Juniper Aphid.

Sarucallis kahawaluokalani (Kirkaldy), Crapemyrtle Aphid. Not indigenous, widespread. Footit et al. (2006) wrongly lists this as Tinocallis kahawaluokalani.

Schizaphis agrostis Hille Ris Lambers. Not indigenous?

Schizaphis (Paraschizaphis) caricis (Schouteden), (= Schizaphis caricis).

Schizaphis gracilis Richards.

Schizaphis graminum (Rondani), Greenbug. Not indigenous, serious pest. Probably arrived in America prior to modern agriculture. Part of a species complex, of which N. America has 3 clades, but 'Biotype' H may be Schizaphis agrostis.

Schizaphis (Euschizaphis) longicornis (Richards) (=Schizaphis longicornis). Listed by Maw et al. (2006) and Favret (2016) but not Blackman & Eastop (2016).

Schizaphis minuta (van der Goot). Not indigenous.

Schizaphis muhlenbergiae (Phillips & Davis).

Schizaphis nigra (Baker), (= Toxoptera viridirubra Gillette & Palmer; see Eastop & Blackman 2005).

Schizaphis (Euschizaphis) palustris (Theobald). Not indigenous.

Schizaphis phlei Orlob.

Schizaphis rotundiventris (Signoret). Not indigenous.

Schizaphis (Paraschizaphis) scirpi (=Schizaphis scirpi). Not indigenous? Identification classed as uncertain by Maw et al. (2006).

Schizaphis (Paraschizaphis) scirpicola Hille Ris Lambers, (= Schizaphis scirpicola).

Schizolachnus curvispinosus Hottes, Essig & Knowlton.

Schizolachnus flocculosus (Williams).

Schizolachnus obscurus Börner, Waxy Brown Pine Needle Aphid.

Schizolachnus parvus (Wilson).

Schizolachnus piniradiatae (Davidson).

Schizolachnus pineti (Fabricius). Not indigenous.

Schizoneurata tissoti Hille Ris Lambers.

Semiaphis dauci (Fabricius).

Semiaphis heraclei (Takahashi). Not indigenous. 7 intercepts at US ports of entry.

Shenahweum minutum (Davis).

Shivaphis celti Das, Asian Woolly Hackberry Aphid. Not indigenous, nuisance pest.

Sinomegoura citricola (van der Goot). Not-indigenous, polyphagous.

Sipha agropyronensis (Gillette).

Sipha (Rungsia) elegans del Guercio, (= Sipha elegans = Sipha aegilopis Bozhko). Not indigenous, minor pest.

Sipha flava (Forbes), Yellow Sugarcane Aphid.

Sipha glyceriae (Kaltenbach). Not indigenous, a pest.

Sipha (Rungsia) maydis Passerini, (= Sipha maydis), Bristly Black Grass Aphid, Hedehog Grain Aphid.

Siphonatrophia cupressi (Swain).

Sitobion africanum (Hille Ris Lambers). Not indigenous. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Sitobion alopecuri (Takahashi), (= Sitobion salicornii Richards.)

Sitobion avenae (Fabricius), English Grain Aphid. Not indigenous, major pest.

Sitobion (Metobion) beiquei (Hille Ris Lambers), (= Sitobion beiquei).

Sitobion caricis (Glendenning).

Sitobion fragariae (Walker). Not indigenous, a pest.

Sitobion luteum (Buckton), Yellow Orchid Aphid. Not indigenous, minor pest.

Sitobion niwanistum (Hottes).

Smynthurodes betae Westwood, Bean Root Aphid, White Cotton Root Aphid. Not indigenous, minor pest.

Stegophylla brevirostris Quednau.

Stegophylla davisi Quednau, (= Phyllaphis? querci Fitch).

Stegophylla essigi Hille Ris Lambers.

Stegophylla mugnozae Remaudiere & Quednau.

Stegophylla quercicola (Monell), (= Stegophylla querci of Blackman & Eastop 1994).

Stegophylla quercifoliae (Gillette).

Stegophylla quercina Quednau, (= Stegophylla quercicola of Blackman & Eastop 1994).

Strenaphis elongata (Baker) (= Saltusaphis elongata).

Subacyrthosiphon cryptobium Hille Ris Lambers. Not indigenous.

Subiziphya clauseni Quednau.

Subsaltusaphis canadensis Richards.

Subsaltusaphis virginica (Baker) (= Subsaltusaphis wanica (Hottes & Frison)).

Symydobius americanus Baker, Dark birch aphid.

Symydobius intermedius Gillette and Palmer.


Takecallis arundicolens (Clarke). Not indigenous.

Takecallis arundinariae (Essig), (= Takecallis takahashii Hsu; synonymy by Quednau 2003). Not indigenous.

Takecallis taiwana (Takahashi), (= Takecallis taiwanus). Not indigenous.

Tamalia coweni (Cockerell), Manzanita Leaf Gall Aphid.

Tamalia dicksoni Remaudière & Stroyan.

Tamalia inquilinus Miller.

Tamalia keltoni Richards. Doubtful if distinct from Tamalia coweni.

Tamalia milleri Kanturski & Wieczorek.

Tamalia pallida Richards.

Tetraneura fusiformis Matsumura, (= Tetraneura nigriabdominalis of many authors = Tetraneura hirsuta Baker). Not indigenous. Most US specimens misidentified as Tetraneura nigriabdominalis.

Tetraneura nigriabdominalis (Sasaki), (= Tetraneura akinire), Oriental Grass Root Aphid.

Tetraneura ulmi (Linnaeus), Elm-Grass Root Aphid, Elm Sack Gall Aphid. Not indigenous.

Thecabius affinis (Kaltenbach). Not-indigenous, Palearctic. COI barcodes confirm it is in North America.

Thecabius (Parathecabius) gravicornis (Patch), (= Thecabius gravicornis).

Thecabius (Parathecabius) lysimachiae Börner, (= Thecabius lysimachiae). Not indigenous.

Thecabius populiconduplifolius (Cowen). virtually indistinguishable from Thecabius. affinis, but native poplars are primary hosts.

Thecabius populimonilis (Riley).

Thelaxes californica (Davidson).

Therioaphis ononidis (Kaltenbach).

Therioaphis (Rhizoberlesia) riehmi (Börner), (= Therioaphis riehmi), Sweetclover aphid. Not indigenous, widespread.

Therioaphis tenera (Aizenberg). Not indigenous.

Therioaphis (Pterocallidium) trifolii (Monell), Yellow Clover Aphid, Spotted Alfalfa Aphid, Spotted Clover Aphid, (= Therioaphis trifolii). Not indigenous, a pest. The subspecies introduced to North America was Therioaphis trifolii ssp. maculata (Buckton) with two biotypes recognised.

Thripsaphis ballii (Gillette). Quednau (2010) recognised four subspecies (Thripsaphis ballii ballii, Thripsaphis ballii caespitosae, Thripsaphis ballii longisetis, Thripsaphis ballii pennsylvanica) all of which occur within the Neartic, but none have a clearly defined specific host relationship or geographical distribution.

Thripsaphis polytricha Quednau.

Thripsaphis sensoriata Hille Ris Lambers. Indigenous, but only 1 specimen.

Tiliphagus lycoposugus Smith.

Tinocallis (Orientinocallis) himalayensis Ghosh, Ghosh & Raychaudhuri, (= Tinocallis himalayensis). Not indigenous. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Tinocallis (Eotinocallis) platani (Kaltenbach), (= Tinocallis platani). Not indigenous.

Tinocallis (Sappocallis) saltans (Nevsky), (= Tinocallis saltans). Not indigenous.

Tinocallis (Sappocallis) takachihoensis Higuchi, (= Tinocallis takachihoensis). Not indigenous.

Tinocallis ulmifolii (Monell).

Tinocallis ulmiparvifoliae Matsumura. Not indigenous, nuisance pest.

Tinocallis viridis (Takahashi). Not indigenous. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Tinocallis zelkowae (Takahashi). Not indigenous.

Trama rara Mordvilko (=Trama oculata), Dandelion Root Aphid. Not indigenous.

Trichosiphonaphis (Xenomyzus) polygoni (van der Goot) (= Trichosiphonaphis polygoni). Not indigenous.

Tuberculatus (Tuberculoides) annulatus (Hartig), (= Tuberculatus annulatus). Not indigenous. DNA barcoding suggests this may be 2 spp.

Tuberculatus (Tuberculoides) borealis Krzywiec, (= Tuberculatus borealis). Not indigenous.

Tuberculatus (Pacificallis) californicus (Baker), (= Tuberculatus californicus).

Tuberculatus (Pacificallis) chrysolepidis Quednau, (= Tuberculatus chrysolepidis).

Tuberculatus (Pacificallis) columbiae Richards, (= Tuberculatus columbiae).

Tuberculatus (Toltecallis) garciamartelli Remaudière & Quednau, (= Tuberculatus garciamartelli).

Tuberculatus (Pacificallis) kiowanicus Hottes, (= Tuberculatus kiowanicus).

Tuberculatus (Toltecallis) leptosiphon Quednau, (= Tuberculatus leptosiphon).

Tuberculatus (Pacificallis) maureri (Swain), (= Tuberculatus maureri).

Tuberculatus (Toltecallis) mexicanus Remaudière & Quednau, (= Tuberculatus mexicanus).

Tuberculatus (Pacificallis) pallidus (Davidson), (= Tuberculatus pallidus).

Tuberculatus (Pacificallis) pasaniae (Davidson), (= Tuberculatus pasaniae).

Tuberculatus (Pacificallis) passalus Quednau, (= Tuberculatus passalus).

Tuberculatus querceus (Kaltenbach). Not indigenous.

Tuberculatus (Pacificallis) quercifolii (Davidson), (= Tuberculatus quercifolii).

Tuberculatus (Toltecallis) spiculatus Richards, (= Tuberculatus spiculatus).

Tuberocephalus (Trichosiphoniella) sakurae (Matsumura), (= Tuberocephalus sakurae). Not indigenous.

Tuberolachnus salignus (Gmelin). Not indigenous, minor pest, Giant Willow Aphid.

Tuberculatus tuberculatus (Richards) (= Tuberculatus (Orientuberculoides) fangi (Tseng & Tao)). Listed by Maw et al. (2006) as recorded in Ontario and Quebec, but not 'introduced'. Tuberculatus fangi is listed by Blackman & Eastop (2016) as native to China, Korea and Japan, butis not listed by Footit et al. (2006), Skvarla et al. (2017).


Ucrimyzus villalobosi Mier Durante & Pérez Hidalgo.

Uroleucon achilleae (Koch). Not indigenous.

Uroleucon adenocaulonae (Essig).

Uroleucon alaskense Robinson.

Uroleucon ambiguum Pashtshenko. Not indigenous. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Uroleucon ambrosiae (Thomas), Brown Ambrosia Aphid. Indigenous, polyphagous in south.

Uroleucon (Lambersius) anomalae (Hottes & Frison), (= Uroleucon anomalae).

Uroleucon arnesense Robinson.

Uroleucon astronomus (Hille Ris Lambers).

Uroleucon atripes (Gillette & Palmer).

Uroleucon (Uromelan?) bonitum (Hottes), (= Uroleucon bonitum).

Uroleucon boreale Robinson.

Uroleucon (Satula) brachychaetum (Olive), (= Uroleucon brachychaetum).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) bradburyi (Olive), (= Uroleucon bradburyi).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) breviscriptum (Palmer) (= Uroleucon breviscriptum ?= Uroleucon (Lambersius) macgillivrayae).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) brevitarsus (Robinson), (= Uroleucon brevitarsus).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) cadens Moran, (= Uroleucon cadens).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) caligatum (Richards), (= Uroleucon caligatum).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) canadense (Richards), (= Uroleucon canadense).

Uroleucon carberriense Robinson.

Uroleucon chani Robinson.

Uroleucon chrysanthemi (Oestlund).

Uroleucon chrysopsidicola (Olive).

Uroleucon cichorii (Koch). Not indigenous. 1 intercept at US ports of entry.

Uroleucon ciefi (Olive).

Uroleucon cirsii (Linnaeus), Large Thistle Aphid. Not indigenous.

Uroleucon (Lambersius) coloradense Robinson (= Uroleucon coloradense).

Uroleucon (Uromelan) compositae (Theobald), (= Dactynotus orientalis Kulkarni). Not indigenous, polyphagous. 4 intercepts at US ports of entry.

Uroleucon (Lambersius) crepusisiphon (Olive) (= Uroleucon crepusisiphon).

Uroleucon deltense Robinson.

Uroleucon elephantopicola Robinson.

Uroleucon (Uromelan?) eoessigi (Knowlton), (= Uroleucon eoessigi).

Uroleucon epilobii (Pergande).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) erigeronense (Thomas), (= Uroleucon erigeronense, = Uroleucon escalantii), Large Fleabane Daisy Aphid.

Uroleucon eupatoricolens (Patch).

Uroleucon (Uromelan) eupatorifoliae (Tissot) (= Uroleucon eupatorifoliae =Macrosiphum eupatorii?).

Uroleucon floricola Robinson.

Uroleucon formosanum (Takahashi). Not indigenous. 2 intercepts at US ports of entry.

Uroleucon gigantiphagum Moran.

Uroleucon gnaphalii Mier Durante & Nieto Nafría.

Uroleucon (Lambersius) gravicorne (Patch) (= Uroleucon eupatorifoliae).

Uroleucon (Uromelan) helianthicola (Olive) (= Uroleucon helianthicola).

Uroleucon heterothecae Pérez Hidalgo & Nieto Nafría.

Uroleucon hieracicola (Hille Ris Lambers).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) idahoensis (Miller), (= Uroleucon idahoensis).

Uroleucon (Uromelan) illini (Hottes & Frison), (= Uroleucon illini).

Uroleucon impatiensicolens (Patch).

Uroleucon ivae Robinson.

Uroleucon katonkae (Hottes).

Uroleucon lanceolatum (Patch).

Uroleucon leonardi (Olive).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) longirostre (Gillette & Palmer), (= Uroleucon longirostre).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) luteolum (Williams), (= Uroleucon luteolum = Uroleucon tissoti Boudreaux).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) macgillivrayae (Olive), (= Uroleucon macgillivrayae ?= Uroleucon breviscriptum (Palmer)).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) madia (Swain), (= Uroleucon madia).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) manitobense Robinson (=Uroleucon manitobense).

Uroleucon martini (Cockerell). Indigenous, but only observed once.

Uroleucon maximilianicola Robinson.

Uroleucon mexicanum Nieto Nafría & Mier Durante.

Uroleucon murale (Buckton).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) nevadense Robinson, (= Uroleucon nevadense).

Uroleucon nigrotibium (Olive).

Uroleucon nigrotuberculatum (Olive), Red Goldenrod Aphid.

Uroleucon (Lambersius) nodulum (Richards) (=Uroleucon nodulum).

Uroleucon obscuricaudatum (Olive).

Uroleucon olivei Moran.

Uroleucon (Uromelan) parvotuberculatum (Olive) (= Uroleucon parvotuberculatum).

Uroleucon paucosensoriatum (Hille Ris Lambers).

Uroleucon penae Nieto Nafría & Remaudière.

Uroleucon (Lambersius) penderum Robinson (=Uroleucon penderum).

Uroleucon pepperi (Olive).

Uroleucon picridis (Fabricius), Large Oxtongue Aphid. Not indigenous, and seems established.

Uroleucon pieloui (Richards).

Uroleucon pseudambrosiae (Olive).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) queretarense Pérez Hidalgo & Nieto Nafría, (= Uroleucon queretarense).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) remaudiereorum Nieto Nafría & Mier Durante, (= Uroleucon remaudiereorum).

Uroleucon reynoldense (Olive).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) richardsi Robinson (=Uroleucon richardsi).

Uroleucon rudbeckiae (Fitch), Goldenglow Aphid. Pest of Coneflowers (Rudbeckia spp.), throughout North America. Records from other Asteraceae are likely to be misidentifications.

Uroleucon (Uromelan) rurale (Hottes & Frison), (= Uroleucon rurale).

Uroleucon russellae (Hille Ris Lambers).

Uroleucon sijpkensi Hille Ris Lambers.

Uroleucon (Uromelan) simile (Hille Ris Lambers) Indigenous but paleartic. Foottit & Maw (1997).

Uroleucon sinuense Mier Durante & Nieto Nafría.

Uroleucon (Uromelan) solidaginis (Fabricius), (= Uroleucon solidaginis), Goldenrod Aphid

Uroleucon solirostratum (Richards).

Uroleucon sonchellum (Monell).

Uroleucon sonchi (Linnaeus), (= Uroleucon parasonchi Raychaudhuri, Raha & Raychaudhuri; Chakrabarti & Medda 2004), Large Sowthistle Aphid. Not indigenous.

Uroleucon stoetzelae Robinson.

Uroleucon (Lambersius) suzannae Robinson, (= Uroleucon suzannae).

Uroleucon tanaceti (Linnaeus).

Uroleucon (Uromelan) taraxaci (Kaltenbach), (= Uroleucon taraxaci). Not indigenous.

Uroleucon tardae Hottes & Frison.

Uroleucon (Lambersius) tenuitarsum (Gillette & Palmer), (= Uroleucon tenuitarsum).

Uroleucon (Uromelan) tuataiae Olive, (= Uroleucon tuataiae).

Uroleucon vancouverense Robinson.

Uroleucon (Uromelan) verbesinae (Boudreaux), (= Uroleucon verbesinae).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) zacatecense Nieto Nafría & Pérez Hidalgo, (= Uroleucon zacatecense).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) zerogutierrezis (Smith & Knowlton), (= Uroleucon zerogutierrezis).

Uroleucon zinzalae (Hottes & Frison).

Uroleucon (Lambersius) zymozionense (Knowlton) (= Uroleucon zymozionense).

Utamphorophora bossekiae (Gillette & Palmer).

Utamphorophora bromicola Remaudière.

Utamphorophora crataegi (Monell), Four-spotted Hawthorn Aphid.

Utamphorophora humboldti (Essig)

Utamphorophora vibei (Hille Ris Lambers).


Vesiculaphis caricis (Fullaway). Not indigenous.


Wahlgreniella empetri Richards.

Wahlgreniella nervata (Gillette). Wahlgreniella nervata arbuti appears to be an anholciclic form of Wahlgreniella nervata introduced to Europe. Maw et al., 2006 list Wahlgreniella nervata nervata and Wahlgreniella nervata arbuti.

Wahlgreniella vaccinii (Theobald). Not indigenous.



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