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Notice that, because this distribution is very skewed, we have plotted the number of individuals per species using a logarithmic scale. The height of each bar in the first graph shows the number of species represented by the same number of individuals. Green points show a log series distribution fitted to these data.
  • The second graph shows the same data as a cumulative distribution.
  • The third graph shows the same data with the axes rearranged - and is sometimes described as a Whittaker plot. Be aware that, depending upon which model an author prefers, either scale may be presented logarithmically or linearly. These plots are sometimes used to select the parametric model.

    Adapted from Shah, P.A. et al. (2003). Diversity and abundance of the coleopteran fauna from organic and conventional management systems in southern England. Agricultural and Forest Entomology 5 (1), 51-60.