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Just a note

We obtained the confidence limits, and our 3 graphs, using these instructions:

> CL # lower conf. limit [1] 0.07718503 > CU # upper conf. limit [1] 0.3890471 > CU-CL # interval width [1] 0.3118621

  • These values of CL & CU were estimated by arithmetic linear interpolation.

  • To obtain a similar (or better) result 'by eye', we could (instead) have entered the instruction locator(2) then pointed to where on each graph we thought the P-value intersected the alpha/2 and 1-alpha/2 lines.

  • A simpler way to get a more accurate estimate is to use the using the code given above, but increase the number of parameter values tested from (R=) 1000 to 100000.