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Just a note

You may feel the statistical terminology used to describe the process of resampling samples, and resampling samples of samples, obscures rather than explains the reasoning behind this process.

Curiously enough, we are told that a similar approach is sometimes used to correct for the inevitable distortions introduced by imaging equipment. Where distortion is related to the data being processed, in effect, a photograph is taken of a photograph - and the two are compared to see what form of additional distortion was introduced.

In a purely qualitative fashion, this picture illustrates the process. Each of the three images to the right of the picture were produced by applying the same digital resampling function to the image it overlaps. The rectangle to their left encloses the original information.

Notice that, because information is being lost, the distortion produced by resampling information is only an estimate of what was introduced by the original sampling process - and may both vary, and be biased. - Nor can we ever hope to restore the original image.